Top 10 Best Attic Fan Installation in 2020 | Great Product Review


Prolong the lifespan of roof shingle structures while lowering summer attic temperatures with attic fan installation. These will also help in protecting attic insulation against mildew and mold during winter by eliminating moisture-filled air. Attic fans can lower your air conditioning power bills in the hot summer and prevent the formation of ice dams and air condensation during the winter. They are designed to be installed into gable vent or to mount it onto your roof in the cut-out.

Nevertheless, you cannot just get the right attic fan that easily without considering the well-detailed attic fan installation review, as there are overcrowded and confusing models of attic fans out there. But luckily enough, you can read the wisely compiled products below to arrive at your better option.

List of Top 10 Best Attic Fan Installation in 2020

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10. Cool Attic 2500 CX2500UPS Gable-Vents attic fan

Cool Attic CX2500 UPS is attic Gable Mount fan that is characterized by 1650 C F M and thermally protected P S C 2.1 amp motor. Its steel flange is well galvanized and has an automatic thermostat for ultimate temperature control. It installs conveniently in the home’s gable, behind gable louvers or existing louvers. It will provide aeration without altering your roof line.

The cool attic fan model uses an adjustable thermostat to keep a constant temperature in the attic. With precision-balanced fan blades, this unit will not only ensure minimum vibration but prevent rotational distortion. The motor installations are perfectly done for stability. Engineered mounting unit virtually eradicates vibration and guarantees quiet operation.

10. Cool Attic 2500 CX2500UPS Gable-Vents attic fan

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  • Galvanized steel construction for longevity
  • 10A adjustable thermostat included
  • Has 14-inches fan blade for adequate air movement
  • Air coverage: 2500 sq. Ft.
  • Precision-balanced attic fan blades for no heat distortion and minimum vibration

9. Lomanco F0510B2497 Power Vent Attic Fan

Keep your chamber cool and free with attic fan installation from Lomanco. This fan includes a universal installation hardware kit with the spare motor. It is characterized by 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 3.4 amps motor, and 1/10 hp and 1100 RPM air pressure. Without a shaft, the motor has a length of 2 1/4”. On the motor’s rear surface, side to side, and 4-inches on center, there are three studs.

What’s more, this unit comes with 5-inches diameter motor and sleeve bearings for superior performance. Its CW typically faces the shaft during rotation. And more importantly, you can replace the Lomanco Models such as F0510B2944, A0416B2059, and A0510B2389. There is available fan blade replacement as well.

9.Lomanco F0510B2497 Power Vent Attic Fan

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  • Characterized by 5-inches diameter motor
  • 1 Year warranty for quality satisfaction
  • Has 2 1/4″ 3.4 amps motor length without shaft
  • CW rotates while facing the shaft
  • Includes sleeve bearings
  • Three studs on the rear face of the motor
  • 1/10 hp 1100 RPM, 115 Volts 60hz.,
  • Weighs 0.32 ounces

8. Maxx Air Powerful Industrial 18 Inch Attic Fan

This industrial exhaust fan from Max Air is a powerful attic fan installation that is applicable in various locations, like in greenhouses, garages, and barns. The fan installation is suitable for ventilating many substances from humidity to dust, excluding hazardous fumes and chemicals. In all honesty, this fan features 2 OSHA-compliant attributes, including a P S C energy-efficient, thermally protected, safety grille & fully enclosed motor.

Its exterior shutters are tightly closed to inhibit a draft when idle, and when powered on, it opens automatically. The casing is constructed with galvanized steel that prevents corrosion, and it features Re-drilled slots for easy installation or mounting. Along with that, it comes with rolled flange edges that handling protection for better reinforcement.

8.Maxx Air Powerful Industrial 18 Inch Attic Fan

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  • Quickly removes undesirable humidity and odors
  • Thermally protected and energy-efficient motor
  • Pre-drilled slots in flange for easy installation
  • Rolled flange for safe handling
  • OSHA compliant
  • Enclosed 4-blade assembly
  • Durable 20-gauge anti-rusting steel
  • Removable interior grille
  • Precision-formed, draft-free exterior shutters
  • 1-year limited warranty

7. Iliving 16-inches Wall-Mounted attic fan installation

If you’re in pursuit of a dependable way to lower your cost of cooling while still keeping your space comfortable and ventilated as well. If so, you’ve just gotten what you’re in search of! Constructed of premium-quality materials, engineering, and craftsmanship, the Shutter Exhaust Fan from i Living is designed to provide optimum ventilation in any room you decide to install. Moreover, this attic fan prevents allergens and mold by removing undesirable moisture and heat to maintain your shed, garage, attic cooler.

More pleasingly, its motor is permanently lubricated, thermally protected, corrosion-resistant, and fully enclosed for easy maintenance. The attic fan is characterized by inbuilt thermostat control and three variable speed to help in regulating room temperature. Therefore, you can customize your comfort & within the desirable range of about 32-130 °F. the package includes AC cable, standard 3-prong plug, and 6 ft cord.

7.Iliving 16-inches Wall-Mounted attic fan installation

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  • Weather-resistant aluminum blades & shutters
  • Coverage Area: 1800 square feet
  • Permanently lubricated and thermally protected motor for durability
  • Air pressure: 1200 CFM
  • Heavy-Duty, sturdy galvanized steel frame
  • Motion-Balanced blade for noise-free operation
  • Automatic Shutters
  • Variable speed setting feature with inbuilt thermostat control
  • Anti-corrosion wire guards
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6. Broan-NuTone 35316 Gable Mount Attic Fan

Upgrade your space with Attic fan installation. The B ROAN 35316 is an Attic Ventilator that eliminates super-heated attic air, thus making any space more comfortable. And all powered attic installation from B ROAN is dependable and efficient. This fan keeps your attic dry & cool all day long at a 537 C F M maximum for about 2280 square feet. The steel blade of this fan is 14-inches in diameter and is well pitched for optimum airflow and hence keeping your living area fresh and cooler, prolonging the life of any air conditioner & save fund & energy.

Built to last, this fan features permanently lubricated, thermally protected motor. It is ribbed & has galvanized steel housing for added strength. You can simply install this unit with the help of mounting brackets.

6.Broan-NuTone 35316 Gable Mount Attic Fan

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  • Weighs 13 pounds
  • Housing made with galvanized steel ribbed to add strength with sturdy mounting for lasting application
  • Thermally protected for durability
  • Steel blade has a diameter of 14-inches for optimum air movement
  • Permanently lubricated motor for quiet operation
  • Air pressures: 1600 C F M
  • Automatically operates with its inbuilt, adjustable thermostat

5. Air Vent 53315 Attic Fans

This attic fan installation from air vent ventilates about 1500 square feet and feature two-year limited labor. More increasingly, Gable ventilator 53315 works effectively and convenient to use. This multi color fan is long-lasting & durable as well. What’s more, it is absolutely a whole house and great quality fans.

Furthermore, this Gable attic ventilator from air vent is characterized by a 14-inches fan blade, 1050 CFM air pressure, and 2-amps motor. It weighs 8.5 pounds.

5. Air Vent 53315 Attic Fans

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  • Weighs 8.5 pounds
  • Air pressure: 1050 C F M
  • Motor 3.2 amps for ultimate performance
  • Has 14-inches fan blade
  • Feature a two-year limited labor

4. TwinPa Solar Powered Attic Fan installation

Acquire attic fan installations and say bye to a poorly ventilated place. The 80-watt motor characterizes this attic fan. This will keep the space ventilated and well-circulated with fresh air all day long. This fan is designed to work with a heavy-duty solar panel of 15-80W. The fan turns typically on when solar energy hits the solar panel during the day and off at night.

What’s more, its installation is simple and no modifications, and more increasingly, you can use it as a puller & pusher with an adaptable mounting kit. It has an overall thickness of 2.56-inches and 1550 C F M air pressure.

4.TwinPa Solar Powered Attic Fan installation

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  • No modifications required
  • High Performance and compact DC Motor
  • Overall Thickness:2.56-inches
  • Air pressure: 1550 CFM
  • Watts: 80 watts
  • Weighs 2.65 pounds

3. Tjernlund PVC4 Radon Fan Model

This Tjernlund PVC4 Radon attics fan provides an affordable and first effective way to lower levels of radon in existing homes. And to start with, the unique system incorporates an installer-fitted PVC pipe, plug-in fan, and exterior hood. It is characterized by a silent motor, which limits noise levels for quiet operation. More increasingly, this home improvement and mitigation fan are constructed of custom-fitted gaskets that help in preventing radon gas leakage.

Besides, the wall-mounted model is accompanied by backward heavy-duty inclined steel impeller and strong galvanized steel housing. Notably, its motor’s ball-bearing is permanently lubricated for minimal noise. The appliance weighs 3 lbs.

3.Tjernlund PVC4 Radon Fan Model

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  • Minimal Power Consumption
  • Includes 6-feet power cord
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  •  Easy-to-Install with its 4 inches schedules 40 PVC connection.

2. Aero Pure AP90-SL Attic Slim Fit Fan with White Finish

Aero Pure presents best-selling slim fit attic fan with an air volume performance rating of 90 C F M. This fan can act as a bathroom ventilation fan because it has ten wattage of 3000 K LED light. Energy-efficient Practical, the Aero Pure AP90-SL operates at a 0. 3 dB unique low-noise level, its installation is much convenient and more manageable, and features anti-vibration and expandable hangar brackets. This bracket expands up to 24-inches. It also features rustproof housing alongside back draft dampener that prevent air from outside from entering the fan.

And more increasingly, it also includes a duct connector that measures 4-inches and 6-inches duct connector. It offers an elegant and efficient solution to your lighting and ventilation needs

2. Aero Pure AP90-SL Attic Slim Fit Fan with White Finish

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  • Characterized by thermal shut-off function
  • Accompanied by 6-years warranty
  • Includes 10 Wattage LED 3000K Light
  • Noise Level of 0.3 Sones
  • Ultra-quiet motor operation with its lubricated ball-bearing
  • Air Volume of 90 Cfm
  • ETL/Cetl Listed
  • Weighs 9.85 pounds

1. ENDEAVORING Elite-Air FAT2 Attic Dual Fan

Ranked at number one is this dual attic fan from ENDEAVORING. Dehumidistat Durablow M2D and 220 C F M characterize it. The other worth mentioning aspect with ENDEAVORING Elite-Air FAT 2 fan is its Crawl Space Ventilator that makes it a better option. And more interestingly, this dual fan is specifically designed for use in the damp environment and high humid area of the crawlspace.

It is important to realize that all components of this fan can be replaced separately. Therefore, you can purchase each part individually if a component fails without purchasing the complete new unit. It can serve the same purpose as Tjernlund V2D or MFB M2D.

1.ENDEAVORING Elite-Air FAT2 Attic Dual Fan

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  • It is equipped with Crawl Space Ventilator
  • Dehumidistat Durablow M2D characterizes it
  • Damp-rated for your crawlspace
  • All components can be separately replaceable
  • Operation rating: 220 CFM

Considerations When Buying Attic Fan Installation

Attic fan style: Attic cooling fans are available in two main designs. A whole-house fan is one of these designs. The air is sucked from the entire house and get deposited into your attic space by a fan.  By circulating cool air all over the space, this attic fan also maximizes attic cooling. The other design is a superb attic venting fan that sucks in cooler air while getting rid of hot attic air. The attic venting fan design plays a significant role in cooling the attic, and it’s more direct, whereas the whole-house fan design is a bit indirect.

Fan’s C F M: This is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing an attic fan. The quantity of air an attic fan move is what is referred to as fan’s C F M (cubic feet a minute). The larger attic space or house requires a powerful fan with more incredible CFM.

Square footage: Before acquiring an attic fan for attic space or room, its square footage should be your main consideration. However, claims states that fans can function in areas that range from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. Though, you can also come across less-expensive, small, attic fans to serve smaller attic spaces. Choose the fan’s square footage wisely, depending on the space size.

Controls: Some fans incorporate thermostatic controls, which will help to regulate the temperature of the attic space. The controls are typically fixed on a cable or cord and away from rotating fan blades. This provides more accurate & precise reading because the thermostat is situated away from the attic fan itself, the place of more static air.

Mounting technique: Attic fans can be mounted in a gable or on the roof-top. Either way, the mounting will be typically done in an unsafe environment where you may come across excessive heat and limited height. For gable installation, there is no need for accessing the roof, and therefore, this installation way can be safer, since safety is paramount.


In brief, while there are various ways to eliminate excess or unwanted moisture from your attics, crawlspaces, garages, basements, and other spaces, attics fans installation are still rated as the most effective and useful. Not only will the above fans mitigate the musty and damp stench-ridden indoor space for the humid-free environment, but eventually, you will also realize indoor temperature and air quality improvement. The most compelling evidence with the above review of the best attic fan installation is that the customer guide and product description are well outlined to assist you in identifying the right model for you. Shop with confidence.