Top 10 Best Baby Changing Station in 2021 – Best Guide

Babies are possibly the greatest gift any mother can ask for though one with responsibilities. In all honesty, you can be guaranteed of endless changing of a diaper with ideal baby changing station as this will help you in keeping your baby comfortable and clean. Nevertheless, changing your baby’s attires or diaper is not that challenging with the premium grade baby changing stations.

They are specifically designed with a concave surface that allows mothers to change their kid’s clothes diapers. They come with additional features for the storage of the baby essentials. However, choosing the ideal baby changing station one is so difficult task. Luckily enough, all the stations listed below are great and help you identify the right one for you.

The Best Baby Changing Station in 2021

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10. Foundations SafetyCraft Baby Changing Station

The foundations present fashionable and elegant changing station for baby. This station is constructed of long-lasting yet high-density polythene, which is easy to clean. It is therefore naturally bacterial resistant. Luckily enough, its clean design goes with decors and also brilliant for cost-conscious clients. Furthermore, once installed properly, they comply with the ADA. It also features an in-built liner dispenser, all essential mounting hardware, and buckle and safety strap.

What’ more, this unit provides general value and accommodates any budget & design specification in restrooms. In other words, this wall-mounted horizontal unit is ideal for use in any commercial settings including new construction, public restrooms, preschools, and daycares.  Next, it includes all essential mounting hardware.

Foundations SafetyCraft Baby Changing Station

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  • Premium-grade steel-on-steel hinge
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Wall-mounted horizontally design
  • Durable &inherently bacteria resistant construction material
  • Holds 250 lbs
  • Smooth concave changing surface
  • Inbuilt Liner Dispensers

9. Foundations Worldwide Polyethylene Baby Changing Station, Vertical Surface

With an elegant design that matches with virtually every decor, baby changing stations from foundations are constructed of easy-to-clean, durable, premium quality polyethylene that is essentially bacterial resistant. Unlike other changing stations, this changing table features the EZ installation backer plate for attaching it to any restroom wall. In other words, the model adheres with ADA for its proper installation including inbuilt liner dispensers and other mounting hardware, buckle, and strap.

For optimum support and increased strength, this changing station for baby incorporates gas shock and premium grade steel-on-steel hinge. It also includes Smooth concave changing platform plus easy-to-clean strap & buckle for keeping your baby secure.

Foundations Worldwide Polyethylene Baby Changing Station, Vertical Surface

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  • Premium grade gas shock & steel-on-steel hinge
  • Has buckle & straps for safety
  • Smooth concave changing platform
  • Inbuilt-In liner dispensers
  • Come with EZ Mount-backer plate
  • Incorporated coat/bag hook
  • Includes 100% high-density polyethylene

8. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Baby Changing Station

Baby Changing Station by Rubbermaid Commercial is designed for profitable environments. This station is built with anti-moisture absorbent yet high-density polypropylene. Luckily enough, it meets all global ASTM, EN, ADA, FDA and safety standards. Moreover, this robust station incorporates an accessory shelf for keeping stuff away from baby quick reach hooks. With a smooth surface, this changing table can be easily cleaned.

The smartly designed unit ensures easy application for caregivers. Additionally, the safety straps curved changing surface help in securing during the changing practice. It has one-handed, convenient opening and hinge structure and a hidden pneumatic cylinder provides a controlled, smooth and closing opening of the table. Moreover, each station is constructed of an antimicrobial agent, which deters the growth of stain – and odor-causing bacteria, thus reducing cross-contamination risk. An integrated dispenser can hold about 40 disposable liners.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Baby Changing Station

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  • Ergonomic Design
  • Curved changing surface with safety straps
  • Constructed from HDPE
  • Constructed of sturdy yet durable materials for antimicrobial protection
  • Inbuilt shelf plus liner storage
  • Inbuilt accessory shelf alongside hooks
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7. Koala Kare Vertical KB101-00 Cream Baby Changing Station

High-density polyethylene craftsmanship with microban antimicrobial protection deters the growth of stench causing bacteria. This baby changing station from Koala Kale is characterized by a concave yet smooth changing area alongside two hooks for purses or bag and nylon safety strap for optimum safety. More interestingly, this unit includes universal instruction graphics plus safety messages in Braille and six languages.

Furthermore, it comes with inbuilt liner dispenser and steel hinges and mounting brackets. It also features a pneumatic gas spiral mechanism that offers controlled, one-handed closing & opening of changing surface. Its construction includes 47% recycled material, which meets or surpasses the ASTM safety requirement.

Koala Kare Vertical KB101-00 Cream Baby Changing Station

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  • Built-in liner cavity and two bag hooks
  • Incorporates child safety straps
  • Supports 55 pounds
  • Its construction includes 46% recycled materials

6. Continental Commercial 8252-H Horizontal White Baby Changing Station

The Changing Station from Continental is characterized by a concave shelf design that holds the baby from rolling down. It is built with a premium polythene material which hinders bacterial growth. Moreover, the Station is made up of Heavy-duty safety straps, which are easy to adjust hence ensuring safety for the child. Additionally, this changing station is spacious enough to accommodate the baby enhancing baby’s protection.

It is evident that these changing stations are versatile, safe, and adhere to applicable regulations. This baby changing station is easy to clean, has dual liner dispensers, pneumatic shocks, bag hooks, and non- absorbent safety straps. Baby Changing Station is characterized by a concave shelf design that holds the baby from rolling down.

Continental Commercial 8252-H Horizontal White Baby Changing Station

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  • High-Density Polyethylene Material
  • Plastic Lined-Bed Liners
  • Pneumatic Shocks
  • Has concave shelf alongside safety straps for toddler security
  • Has pneumatic shocks
  • Supports up to 250 lb.
  • Inbuilt dual liner dispensers

5. Badger Basket Baby changing station

Take the comfort of your baby to another level with an innovative infant Diaper Corner changing station from Badger Basket. This baby changing station has an unsurpassed reputation because it includes basket and hampers.  Pleasingly enough, this diaper changing station is one of a kind because on both sides it has detachable clothes hamper loads of storage. It also includes 35% cotton/65% polyester.

More increasingly, this diaper changing station has a unique angle on its surface for space optimization. It also includes essentials like fabric pad cover, hampers, changing pad, hamper, storage drawer and basket. Luckily enough, the incorporated drawer/basket and drawers are detachable for easy cleaning.

Badger Basket Baby changing station

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  • Includes fabric pad cover
  • Comes with detachable hamper basket
  • Storage basket/drawer
  • Supports 30lbs.
  • Has angled side panels

4. TUSY White Granite Baby Changing Station

Protect your child with the baby changing station from Tusy. This product by Tusy is made up of premium quality polypropylene which is strong and durable plastic. Compared to other Changing Stations, it comes along with readily organized equipment for setting on the wall thus making it easy to use in professional institution’s and office restrooms

Additionally, it can hold up to a weight of 220 pounds. Has a concave resting top with a comfy safety belt that safeguards the baby preventing uncertain moves during a diaper change. Furthermore, it has a placement box that enables one to keep all things needed during the diaper change. It is certified by the ADA, FDA, and ASTM safety certification standards.

TUSY White Granite Baby Changing Station

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  • Multi-functional design
  • Comfortable and concave resting surface
  • High-density polypropylene plastic
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Durable and strong construction

3. Koala Kare KB200-01 Grey Baby Changing Station

Constructed of unibody steel chassis & polypropylene, this Koala Kare baby changing station can support about 200 pounds with minimal deflection. Moreover, the features of steel-on-steel hinge provide improved durability and greater resistance to abrasion. For smoothing closing and opening, this changing station has a gas spring mechanism. Its color palette & sleek design matches modern décor and restroom design.

What’s more, it has a dual liner cavity alongside lock for discouraging potential vandalism and minimizing operator refills. Also, this changing station incorporates child protection bag hooks and straps. Bed platform exclusively incorporates Microban antimicrobial that helps in reducing stench causing bacteria. Pleasingly enough, it features Liner dispenser with two liner cavities. Every single cavity accommodates 25 liners. Contributes to LEED licensed building requirements.

Koala Kare KB200-01 Grey Baby Changing Station

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  • Horizontal Wall Mounted
  • Come with bag hooks and straps
  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • Constructed of uni-body steel chassis & polypropylene
  • Supports 200 pounds
  • Incorporates steel-on-steel hinge
  • Liner dispenser alongside two liner cavities

2. Alpine Industries Foldable Baby Changing Station

Popular in the market for premium grade baby changing station, Alpine Industries has become a top-rated producer of innovative, solution-based items for the institutional & commercial markets worldwide. For this reason, the company has come up with the foldable baby changing station that features a secure safety belt and concave resting surface for maximum comfort. What’s more, this unit has 50-liner dispensers and antimicrobial coating on the table surface

Modern, Sleek, and easily cleaned, this baby changing station from Alpine Industries is durably constructed with premium -density polypropylene plastic to offer long-term use and strength. It complies with global ASTM, FDA, and ADA safety standards for improved child protection.

Alpine Industries Foldable Baby Changing Station

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  • Concave resting surface
  • High-density polypropylene plastic
  • Supports 220 pounds
  • Its construction material incorporates a protective anti-microbial coating
  • Two Side Hooks
  • Comes with dual liner holders

1. ECR4Kids Baby Changing Station

Commercial settings and other places with private and public washrooms will appreciate the safety, durability, & elegance infused into this ANSI-, ASTM- and ADA-compliant ECR4Kids baby changing station. For this reason, this baby changing station is suitable for toddlers and infants in restrooms at institutional facilities, businesses, restaurants, and shops. It has a horizontal foldable changing surface alongside inbuilt safety straps.

Additionally, it incorporates a comfortable & smooth concave changing surface incorporating an adjustable nylon toddler safety strap alongside slide release for keeping toddlers safely in place. More pleasingly, this unit features a space-saving design. It features premium-density polyethylene, bacteria-resistant plastic for durability and strength in a smart neutral-white color.

ECR4Kids Baby Changing Station

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  • Two inbuilt sanitary paper liners
  • Includes 2 diaper purse/bag hooks
  • Adjustable child-safety strap
  • Concealed pneumatic cylinder
  • Comprises of replacement safety straps alongside screws
  • High-density polyethylene plastic
  • Space-saving design

How to Choose The Best Baby Changing Station

  • Materials: The best table material should be super-easy-to-clean and should also be bacteria-resistant. More importantly, the ideal unit should be long-lasting and 100% safe for your toddler.
  • Design: The ideal baby changing station should come with convenient and comfortable. Before purchasing any station, consider a durable design that incorporates steel hinges alongside pneumatic cylinder. Although some model comes with a concave design, it is prudent to select a foldable design.
  • Comfortable: The baby changing station of your choice should have a modern, sleek yet smooth concave changing surface for optimum comfort. The other aspect to check is the nylon used to a made safety strap.


In sum, the list above provides all relevant information to help you identify the ideal baby changing station that suits your needs. With these units, you can easily select any based on your purpose. Pleasingly enough, the above stations are of good quality and durable and giving maximum comfort. Buy one today!

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