Top 10 Best Electric Mop in 2021 | Rechargeable Quiet Powerful Cleaner

If you are in quest of the safest and easiest way of mopping your floor, you have to consider the electric mops. Fortunately, these kinds of mops are eco-friendly and more conducive. They are versatile mops because they are applicable to any kind of floor. And this is why electric mops are better and healthier for the environment.

The challenge has always been centered on how to choose the best out of an innumerable of electric mops out there. So, the compilation below will help such potential users to identify the best electric mops.

List of Top 10 Best Electric Mop in 2021

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10. GOBOT Electric Mop, Cordless

Clean as fast as possible with Gobot Electric mop. This mop has a lot of power to clean faster. It removes stains, dirt, and grime from your floor. Also, this mop works on different surfaces, including wood, marble, laminate, or tile floors. Advantageously, it cleans while quiet. Its design keeps noise below 60dB. Therefore you can do the cleaning while comfortable.

Additionally, it features multiple functions and settings. It has mopping, waxing, and quick spraying options. The coaster allows you to tailor your mop and get rid of tough stains. Furthermore, it is easy to use. This is because its handles rotate at an angle of 180 degrees hence accessing every space painlessly. Again, it charges faster. On the other hand, the two hours battery life is enough for cleaning floors three times. Last but not least, it features a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

GOBOT Electric Mop, Cordless

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  • Cordless electric mop
  • Multiple functions and settings
  • Easy to use
  • Battery Capacity of 2000mAh
  • Two hours of battery life
  • 100-240VAC 50-60Hz Input /Output
  • It weighs 2.86lb
  • Handles rotate at an angle of 180 degrees
  • Noise below 60dB

9. Rollibot M6 2-in-1 Rotating Cordless Electric Mop

Has the noise tired you as you clean? Then choose the Rollibot electric mop, which cleans quietly. It features powerful dual heads for perfect polishing, cleaning, or buffering. Therefore, it does not leave any marks on your floor. Furthermore, this electric mop weighs 8.29 pounds. Also, it features mop pads that are machine washable.

Most importantly, it is less noisy, with a maximum noise level of 65dB. Unlike other noisy scrubbers, machines, and polishers, it brushes quietly. Again, this mop can clean for a maximum of fifty minutes—finally, this product mops and spins to scrub out grime and dirt from surfaces.

Rollibot M6 2-in-1 Rotating Cordless Electric Mop

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  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Machine-Washable Mop Pads
  • Has a dual-motor design
  • It is less noisy
  • Maximum noise level of 65dB

8. COSTWAY Spin Cordless Electric Mop

Enjoy using the all in one Costway Electric mop. Firstly, this electric mop features dry wiping, wet wiping, decontaminating, and waxing. Secondly, it has a water tank with 440ml; hence its spray nozzle can evenly spread water on the surface of the ground. Thirdly, it is has a 2-spin head.

Fourthly, a strong spin system supports this electric mop. The spray mop inwardly rotates up to 250r/min with spins. Therefore it quickly and easily removes the stubborn stains. Again, after charging it for 1.5-2 hours, it can work continuously for 30-40 minutes. Further, it is easy to operate since it has two buttons. These are the on/off button and the spray and water button. Last but not least, it is lightweight; hence you can use one hand. Finally, it features the adjustable angle and height; thus, it is convenient.

COSTWAY Spin Cordless Electric Mop

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  • Two light indicators
  • Tank capacity of 15oz
  • One-key spray water
  • Height and angle adjustable
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • 440ml water tank.
  • Has two buttons

7. Homitt Rotating Electric Mop

Proceeding with this list, we have the Homitt electric mop. To begin with, it is lightweight and wireless hence distance does not restrict it. Furthermore, it weighs 2. 84lbs only. Then again, for efficient cleaning, it features a power spin. Therefore it removes tough stains quickly and easily. Its 90 degrees rotated rod saves time, labor and makes cleaning easier.

The next feature is mop spin up to 120r/min to150r/min. Similarly, the wet mop is up to 40.1-inches short and 46.5-inch long. Most importantly, it features moist mopping. Its bottom has a 300ml water tank for spray function. Hence you do not need additional cleaning tools. In summary, it is simple to operate. The two keys are for spray control and spinning control.

Homitt Rotating Electric Mop

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  • It is lightweight and wireless
  • Weighs 2. 84lbs only
  • Features moist mopping
  • Can mop spin up to 120r/min to150r/min
  • Has a 300ml water
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6. ENLiF 2-in-1 Cordless Electric mop

This electric mop has a powerful cleaning capacity. It features wet wiping, waxing, dry wiping, and decontaminating functions. Uniquely, it features a 2-in-1sweeper function. Moreover, it evenly wets the ground with its 440ml water tank. Then again, the spray mop inwardly rotates in up to 250r/min spins. Therefore it does not leave dust or stains.

In addition to that, it features a cordless construction, and it is lightweight. It weighs 7lbs only. Consequently, it has 36” to 48” adjustable height as well as a 0° to 90° adjustable angle. Therefore, it is very convenient. It is easy to use it since it has two buttons. These are the power button and the spray water button.

ENLiF 2-in-1 Cordless Electric mop

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  • 2-in-1sweeper function
  • It weighs 7lbs
  • It has two buttons. Power and spray button
  • Cordless and lightweight construction
  • Wet wiping, waxing, dry wiping, and decontaminating functions
  • Water tank capacity of 440ml
  • All-in-one Multifunctional Design
  • Input of18V 0.8A
  • A battery capacity of 2000mAh
  • Mop head dimensions measure 12.5″ by12.5″ by 2.5″(L x W x H)

5. Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop

If you are in quest of the 3-in-1 cordless electric mop, then Gladwell has the best model for you. This electric mop is equipped with scrubber, spinner, and waxer quiet. And to ensure the powerful removal of dirt and grime, this mop has dual mop heads that spin at high-speed in reverse direction. Luckily, you can change modes between waxing and mopping by pushing the button.

Besides, this electric mop ensures flexible handling with its180-degree rotation and extendable handle. It is also characterized by a safe coaster that works on any sealed floor. Such floors include laminate, marble tile, and wood.

Gladwell 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Mop

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  • Has dual mop heads
  • Handle rotates at 180-degree
  • Mops and Waxes switching mode
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Extendable handle for flexible handling

4. Tineco iFloor Cordless Electric mop

Save time when cleaning with the Tineco electric mop. To begin with, it is lightweight with a cordless design. Hence it maneuvers down and upstairs while cleaning. Also, it features the spot mode for tackling sticky messes and tough stains. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain because of the self-cleaning, hands-free brush roller.

On top of that, all its parts are washable and detachable. Next, iFloors works perfectly on hard floor surfaces. These include tile, laminate, marble, vinyl, linoleum, and sealed wood floor, among others. To conclude with, the dual-tank technology enables you to clean surfaces continuously using freshwater.

Tineco iFloor Cordless Electric mop

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  • Dual tank technology
  • Easy maintenance storage
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Brush roll self-cleaning
  • Spot Mode removes tough dirt

3. PurSteam 10-in-1 ThermaPro Mop Cleaner

Use this fast and effective electric mop. Firstly, it is child and pet safe. This is because it offers 99.99 percent sanitation without harsh chemicals. Secondly, it is perfect for cleaning tiles and hardwood. Thirdly it is light in weight and maneuverable. It features three adjustable modes that help one to cater to the steam level of the mop to specific needs.

Most importantly, this electric mop is of high quality. Usually, it has a warranty for two years from the manufacturer. Also, it can clean the entire house easily and quickly. Last but not least, it perfectly works as a steam cleaner, floor steam mop. In the same way, it works as glass and mirror cleaner and much more.

PurSteam 10-in-1 ThermaPro Mop Cleaner

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  • Child and pet safe
  • Light in weight and maneuverable
  • Three adjustable modes
  • Premium Quality Components
  • Reusable and machine washable

2. Shark 18-Feet Power corded Mop

Enjoy using this fast and convenient electric mop. And to begin with, it is able to sanitize and clean your surface with both sides. It features 99.9 percent sanitization. Then again, it does not use harsh chemicals which may be harmful. On top of that, it features a swivel steering; thus, it is easier to control.

In addition to that, it is lightweight. Its weight is only 4.87 pounds. Therefore you can only use one hand to operate it. Furthermore, you can use this electric mop to clean the deep spaces in your house or under furniture. Finally, it is easy to use and convenient.

Shark 18-Feet Power corded Mop

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  • Sanitize and Clean with both sides
  • Steam on demand
  • 9 percent sanitization
  • Sanitization without harsh chemicals
  • Has a Swivel steering
  • Weighs 4.87 pounds

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Electric Mop

Sanitize and clean hard floors without using harsh chemicals with BISSELL electric mop. It cleans with steam hence sanitizing floors. Therefore this eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria and germs. Furthermore, it features a smart digital steam controller. So you can choose from low, medium, or high steam based on the cleaning requirements.

Additionally, it weighs 8.3 pounds. Consequently, it has a twenty-three-foot power cord and a swivel steering. It is usually ready for use in thirty seconds. Sometimes its packaging graphics can vary. Apparently, it includes one microfiber scrubby pad, one soft microfiber pad, and a carpet glider. Finally, it features a power rating of 1500 watts.

BISSELL PowerFresh Electric Mop

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  • It weighs 8.3 pounds
  • The power rating of 1500 watts
  • Cleans with steam
  • Ready for use in thirty seconds
  • Varying packaging graphics
  • Eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria and germs

How to Choose The Best Electric Mop

  • The Floor Type: Consider your floor type before making any purchase since there are different floor types. So, in choosing the electric mop, it is anticipated that one must check the home’s flooring style. Varied floor types comprise of the above-floor, linoleum, sealed hardwood, ceramic, granite, and marble. Not every electric mop will be perfect for all kinds of floors. It is, therefore, crucial to use the right electric mop kind for your floor.
  • Functionalities: Electric mops are characterized by different features and functionalities, which distinguishes them. Some of these functionalities comprise the ability to clean the hard floor and remove stubborn stains by gentle scrubbing. Therefore, based on the kind of stain, one wishes to get rid of will define the mop brand to select and buy.
  • Cordless options: Most electric mops feature in different designs. These electric mops can either cordless or corded. The perfect electric mop depends on the available floor space. Consequently, it is advisable to opt for cordless mop if your floor space area is bigger.

On the other hand, a longer corded electric mop is also great when it comes to mopping a limited floor area. This helps in reducing the distress of moving around. So it is vital not to consider those shorter corded electric mops as it restricts the area covered while mopping.

  • Room sizes: It is good to determine the room size before you purchase an electric mop. For individuals residing in a limited space, one can opt for the corded (plug-in) mops. These electric mops are ideal for the mopping of small office space, children’s rooms, and small studio units. For individuals living in a spacious room, a cordless and smart mop will be perfect for purchase.


According to the above-mentioned electric mops, you can easily pick a fast and dependable electric mop for house mopping. The outlined brands are top-notch mops as compared to some products out there. It is vital to note that collection is reliant on the user’s purpose, preference, and choice, and floor type. Consequently, consider some of the aforesaid facts for the choice of the ideal electric mops while settling to your final decision. Buy one today and start mopping like you’ve not ever mopped before.

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