Top 10 Best Grinder Stand in 2021 | Bench Grinder Stand

Are you in search of a bench grinder stand that can accommodate your treasured bench grinder? If yes, then the review below has super grinder stands for you. And most of them are built with premium-grade steel or cast iron, while other features all-steel construction alongside powder coat finish for durability.

Since many grinders stand feature in diverse sizes and shapes, choosing the ideal one for you is more challenging. But below description and guide will equip you with relevant information to help you appreciate the aspects that you should check while purchasing one

List of Top 10 Best Grinder Stand in 2021

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10. Dayton 31-1/2-inches Bench Grinder Stand

Dayton presents 31-1/2 inches high-quality, versatile, and durable Bench Grinder Stand. This stand is sturdy and long-lasting due to its steel & cast iron construction. In addition to that, this sturdy stand has securely and safely held a belt grinder and bench. You will also note that this stand Base Size of 16-1/2 by 14-1/2 inches and height of 31-1/2 inches.

More increasingly, it is applicable with the bench of 8-inches, 6-inches and 5-inches, and belt grinders of 4-inches, 2-inches, and 1-inches. And to elaborate farther, this stand will not only incorporates Base alongside Mounting Holes but also Top Table alongside 6-1/2 Grinder’s Mounting slots. It is also worth stating that this stand includes cast iron water pot.

Dayton 31-1/2-inches Bench Grinder Stand

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  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Steel & cast Iron construction
  • Includes Base alongside Mounting Holes
  • Cast-Iron Water Pot
  • Grinder’s Mounting slots

9. RIKON Power Tools Grinder Stand

If you have Rikon 80-805 Slow-Speed bench Grinder, then bench grinder stands automatically comes in handy. This RIKON Power Tools bench grinder stand has arrived, and this turn with an adjustable height of 28″ – 36″ and diameter steel post alongside the cast iron base. Also, it features a space for storing two grinding wheels.

Furthermore, the mounting slots that accept almost all bench grinders are also included. The stand helps in freeing up a treasured workspace on the bench. The convenient storage space, as mentioned above is will not only provide space to store extra grinding wheels but also other miscellaneous items, including quenching water.

RIKON Power Tools Grinder Stand

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  • Cast iron base minimizes vibration
  • Height adjusts from 28-inches – 36-inches for ergonomics and comfort
  • Has 2-inches steel post for sturdiness
  • Steel mounting plate features ½-inches slots for mounting virtually all grinders
  • Storage below for additional grinding wheels
  • The tray holds drink for quenching tools
  • Weighs 10.89 pounds

8. Shop Fox Woodstock D4296 Adjustable Bench Grinders stand

This adjustable bench Grinders stand by Shop Fox is designed to work with 6-8-inches bench grinders. And more importantly, the heavy-duty cast-iron structure provides durability and strength while a broad stance base offers you a steady grinder workstation. With this stand, you will take your grinding experience to another level.

More inclusively, this stand features a steel mounting base tray, cast iron base alongside universal mounting slots, plus an additional tool and wheel storage caddy. The mounting hardware is also included. You can adjust the height from 28-inches to 36-inches at your convenience. Also, there is a mounting base size of about 9-1/4-inches by 12-inches.

Shop Fox Woodstock D4296 Adjustable Bench Grinders stand

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  • Cast-iron base
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Steel mounting base alongside universal mounting slots
  • Height adjustable function ranging from 28-inches-36-inches
  • Has extra tool and wheel storage
  • Comes with a mounting base size of 9-1/4-inches x 12.”

7. Palmgren GS32 Grinder Pedestal Stand

The Palmgren Bench grinder Stand was engineered with the grinding experience in mind. It can even accommodate 10 in, 8 in, 7 in, 6 in, and bench Buffers and bench grinders. Apart from that, it can also support 4 in, 2 in, 1 in, and belt grinders.

The top and base of these pedestal grinder stands are built with heavy-duty cast iron. The cast iron will make them durable, tough, and sturdy. With this stand, you not complain of thirst because there is an inbuilt water pot that supplies you with water for quenching your workpieces. Moreover, it also has an adjustable steel column with a diameter of 3-1/2 inches. This column also features a clamping mechanism and locking screws.

Palmgren GS32 Grinder Pedestal Stand

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  • Adjustable steel column with a diameter of 3.5 inches
  • Three floor-mounting feet with bolt holes
  • Inbuilt water pot to quench the workpiece
  • The unique design enables four bolt’s mounting
  • Interchangeable and replaceable heads
  • Top and base are built with heavy-duty cast iron
  • Weighs 55 pounds
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6. Eastwood Bench Adjustable Grinder Stand

The perfect work stand, at an ideal price engineered for your grinder or buff motor work at an adjustable and comfortable height, or workbench area, when you platform your grinder or buff motor on this budget work stand. It accommodates most common grinder models or makes 10-inches (L) by 11-Inch (W) mounting plate alongside six 5/8-Inch slots. It is also slotted to go with most motors.

What’s more, it is characterized by a top mounting platform that measures 11″ x 8-3/4″ is ideal enough to accommodate most machines. Also, it has 30-1/2″ Working Height, which is standard for any user. It is designed for excellent performance and ideal for grinding purposes.

Eastwood Bench Adjustable Grinder Stand 

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  • Designed For Your Grinder or Buff Motor
  • Top Mounting Platform: 11-inches by 8-3/4-inches
  • Working Height: 30-1/2-inches
  • Slotted To accommodate Most Motors

5. Generic Universal 4 Legs Grinder Stand

With a top platform ideal for accommodating virtually all bench grinders, this bench grinder stand incorporates mounting slots, which can fit most common bench grinders. More significantly, this bench grinder stand is manufactured with heavy-gauge steel alongside anti-vibration rubber feet. These rubber feet make it stays firmly in place. The fantastic aspect with this product is mounting slots in the platform allow easy fitting of most common grinders, comprising of most Central Machines® bench grinders

Along with that, this bench grinder is also characterized by a wide profile 18-7/8 inches by 19-3/4 inches tip-proof base. Table height of 32-inches is also unique features that this bench grinder stand boasts about.

Generic Universal 4 Legs Grinder Stand

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  • All steel construction alongside powder coat finish
  • Table height: 32-inches
  • Wide profile 18-7/8 inches x 19-3/4 inches tip-proof base
  • Large 7-7/8 inches x 8-3/4 inches table
  • Non-marring rubber feet
  • Sturdy Construction

4. Universal 5003 Bench Grinder Stand by Sunex Tools

The Sunex Tools universal 5003 bench grinder pedestal is 36-inches tall stands with a durable base alongside pre-drilled mounting holes on floors. This bench grinder base stand brings you near to your work point, and assists you in staying there, taking you and your equipment along the flexibility you require and the mobility you needed. Its effectiveness saves you money and valuable time.

It was designed for usage with the SUN5002A and SUN5001A, and other 8″ or 6″ bench grinders. This bench grinder stand weighs 0.48 ounces. It also guarantees a perfect match with its universal fit.

Universal 5003 Bench Grinder Stand by Sunex Tools  

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  • Use with SUN5002A, SUN5001A, and other 8″ or 6″ bench grinders
  • Sturdy base alongside pre-drilled holes
  • Weighs 0.48 ounces
  • Efficiency saves you money and valuable time

3. Bench Grznder Stand from Pit Bull

This bench grinder Stand from Pit Bull is the perfect companion for those who crave to take their grinding experience to advance. It comes with pre-drilled holes on the platform, making the installation easier. Apart from that, it can also support all mounted machine.

The grinder stands are built with heavy-duty steel construction. The powder-coated is responsible for resisting corrosion and rust and thus making them durable, robust, and sturdy. Moreover, this bench grinder stand is characterized by a base size of 18-7/8-inches by 19-3/4-inches, 1-5/16-inches by 2-1/2-inches by 13 3/8-inches tool tray and 32-inchesTable height.

Bench Grznder Stand from Pit Bull

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  • Pre-drilled table holes
  • Powder-coated to fight rust
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Weighs 15.8 pounds
  • Base size: 18-7/8-inches by 19-3/4-inches

2. HTC HGP-10 Bench Grinder Stand

Give your grinder an exclusive space with the Bench Grinder Stand by HTC. And start with, bench Grinders are a handy piece of machine. This bench grinder stand alongside fully adjustable property makes typically them a bit flexible by enabling you to install a grinding station virtually anywhere.

And more importantly, this grinder stand features adjustable skid-free leveling feet, wide stance base, a large 8.5-inches by 9.5-inches mounting plate, a large 500lb capacity, and wedge lock internal support, the bench grinder stand’s sturdy portable base. The stand is fully adjustable, with 25 to 41-inches height adjustment. The mounting plate comes pre-drilled, making setting up a breeze.

HTC HGP-10 Bench Grinder Stand 

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  • Exclusive wedge locks when loaded
  • Comes with Pre-drilled slotted top
  • Fully adjustable height
  • Adjustable feet and broad stance base for stable and safe
  • Load capacity: 500 pounds
  • Rock-Solid Stability

1. WEN 4288 Bench Grinder Stand w/ Water Pot

The Bench Grinder Stand from WEN is a piece of versatile equipment that provides a separate workspace for you to fix your tool. It also features premium steel & cast iron design restricts vibration whereas delivering a robust 31.5-inch pedestal to accommodating grinder. Similarly, the stand incorporates a water pot to quench workpieces plus a trustworthy three-legged design alongside bolt holes for tightening your unit to the floor.

Apart from that, there is a cast-iron top of 9.9-by-12.4-inch. When it comes compatibility, this stand has a steel mounting plate that accommodates virtually all bolts orientations. Also, it is compatible with any WEN Bench Grinder.

WEN 4288 Bench Grinder Stand w/ Water Pot

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  • Industrial-quality steel & cast iron construction prevents wobbling during operation
  • Steel mounting plate
  • Universal design fits
  • Compatible with any WEN Bench Grinder

How to choose the best grinder stands

  • Height: It is also worth considering the height of the bench grinder stand. The best model should have a height-adjustable function. This function will facilitate the process of adjusting the height to suit your needs. Therefore, the efficacy of the bench grinder rises significantly.
  • Stability: Most of the stands come with a broader base to increase stability and reduce vibrations. However, the unstable stand can fall easily and injure the user. So, avoid such a situation by buying a stable model.
  • Compatibility: The best stand should be compatible with virtually all bench grinders. So, you are supposed to decide the kind of grinder you need to use. The stand is relatively easier.


After reading the above reviews about the grinder stands for grinder machine, from your perspective, your ideal stands depend on preference? Lastly, the final choice is yours. Choose with confidence!

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