Top 10 Best Handheld Printers in 2021 | Great Product Review

A handheld printer is a unique device that is designed to be used on the go. The compact and lightweight design of these units make them popular for printing, scanning, and copying.

Besides, they are fitted with batteries that provide you with reliable power every time. You can find some models that print small-sized photos from smartphones. However, with the many options in the market, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. With our guide below, we have the best handheld printers in 2021.

List of Top 10 Best Handheld Printers in 2021

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10. BENTSAI Inkjet Printer

This handheld printer ink cartridge is designed differently from other Ink cartridges. It can be used to print on various surfaces and materials depending on the user’s demands and can be used to print out various types of contents.

The printer also has been designed with the capabilities to be customized for various languages and higher resolution display screen. The printer is very intuitive and easy to operate and install.

BENTSAI Inkjet Printer

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  • It is built with a compact design
  • Equipped with large display and clear with the highly sensitive interface
  • High resolution display screen

  • Available in a variety of languages hence can be used by a wide range of different users.

  • Large display screen for content editing

  • Installation is made easier

  • Easier to use with intuitive application icons

  • Some features are difficult to determine their functionalities

9. Micro Plus SBK Printer

This printer can be used to print on any dry surface and enhanced with special coding items. It is well designed with a clear higher resolution display screen and very sensitive. The compact design capabilities have greatly enabled the portability of this device. Furthermore, it is fitted with a comfortable hand grip hence perfect for its purpose.

The print cartridges are accessible in various places hence the user does not need to re-order the Ink cartridges from the supplier but can easily acquire them from various stores anywhere.

Micro Plus SBK Printer

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  • Enhanced with an extra-large display touch enabled screen for easier operation by the user
  • Enhanced with a comfortable hand grip
  • Light weighted package that can easily be carried by anyone
  • Unlimited storage capabilities for messages

  • The compact design makes it highly portable

  • Enough storage space for messages

  • Support from the experts is readily available to users

  • Can print multiple lines with text and coded formats including date and time

  • Expensive ink cartridges

8. Android 6.0 PDA Printer

This printer is equipped with built in operating system that makes it easy for user operation with the installed programs. With the android version OS and installed programs this printer can be customized to meet different receipting demands. It is user friendly and with very intuitive and interactive sensitive display screen.

It’s equipped with a variety of features like camera, scanner and receipt printing terminal. Besides, it is equipped with a chargeable battery that can be very viable especially for mobile users.

Android 6.0 PDA Printer

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  • Enhanced with an android operating system for reliable operations
  • Enhanced with a receipting terminal that comes along with various tools i.e. camera or scanner
  • Installed battery that can be re-charged for comfortable usability especially for mobile users
  • Higher resolution sensitive intuitive screen

  • It’s lighter and compact sized hence highly portable

  • Can be easily used and understood

  • The battery is periodically charged and long-lasting hence suitable for mobile users

  • Its economical since there is no need of a Ink cartridge hence low operational costs

  • In order to print well using this device, you are required to have a mobile application that supports printing

7. Brady BMP21-PLUS Printer

This printer fitted fast formatting keyboard where the user can define the content of print by programming using the keyboarding keys. It is fully automated and executes its functions without any problem. Furthermore, it is equipped with a large sensitive screen for content display.

It is also designed in a simple to use manner and the user can actually carry the print operations without a challenge. Additionally, portability is highly enhanced with the availability of long-lasting batteries for powering the printer.

Brady BMP21-PLUS Printer

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  • Enhanced with an LCD screen to display whatever the user keys in from the keyboard
  • Built with a very strong outside casing to withstand tough environments with available durable components
  • Equipped with long life cell batteries that power the printer

  • Fitted fast formatting keyboard

  • It is designed to withstand though environments while executing its operations smartly

  • The accompanying cell battery makes it possible for portability and mobility of device

  • The simple units have no memory to store label numbers

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6. Sumeve Inkjet Printer

This is an intelligent printer that can be used to print different kinds of content on different surfaces like bags, pipes, metals, boxes and all non-regular materials. This printer is easy to use. Furthermore, it is equipped with a large sensitive screen for formatting purposes and content display.

It is equipped with a universal serial bus where you can import pictures and images to be printed on a given surfaces with the current time stamps and codes. Also, the device is compacted hence highly portable.

Sumeve Inkjet Printer

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  • Equipped with quality quick to dry but durable ink cartridge. The ink does not corrode of fade easily
  • Enhanced with a large colored touch display that enables fast formatting and content display
  • Fitted with long-lasting re-chargeable battery
  • Features a comfortable grip
  • Equipped with a printing roller
  • It features USB flash

  • It is easy to use and enhanced fast print capabilities

  • Quality print on non-regular surfaces with guaranteed durability of the ink print on the surfaces

  • Highly portable with the enhanced re-chargeable battery

  • Large smart display for fast formatting

  • It enhanced high print capabilities

  • Only set to English language when it is packaged for delivery

5. Upgraded Inkjet Printer

This printer has been modified to grant more usable functionalities to better the print demands on logs, wood and paper surfaces. It has high speed print capabilities where you easily key in codes faster with one key. Furthermore, it is fitted with a long-lasting chargeable battery.

Also, enhanced with high quality printer cartridge to effectively produce quality print outs on the defined surfaces. Editing can be done from a USB drive since it is not necessary that you connect to your personal computer.

Upgraded Inkjet Printer

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  • Enhanced with universal serial bus terminal for graphics installation and editing purposes
  • High resolution sensitive display screen
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • External power supply for efficiency purposes
  • Smartphone touch screen for display and information entry
  • Removable re-chargeable battery

  • Easy to use and operate

  • Graphics can be imported via the USB as it is not necessary connect to your PC

  • It is enhanced with quality fast printing capabilities

  • It is only suitable for printing on papers, woods and clothing

4. Brother P-touch Easy Hand-Held Label Maker

This printer is used for label generation. It is highly portable and equipped with an automated power scheduler for on an off to facilitate the long-lasting capabilities of the battery and therefore it can operate for a longer duration.

The printing material is water resistance hence the print out is durable. Also, quality of the print is perfect.

Brother P-touch Easy Hand-Held Label Maker

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  • Enhanced with one touch key for better formatting experience
  • Equipped with labeling features to ease use
  • Water proof tapes for printing
  • Enhanced with a keyboard for content editing and information keying and LCD display

  • Easy to use and operate due available labels.

  • It is easy to distinguish various cables and what they can do

  • Long life battery enhances portability and mobility use of the devices

  • The printing material is waterproof hence facilitating the durability of the print

  • Batteries are not re-chargeable. Once drained you have to buy another pair

3. Tuobo Inkjet Printer

This printer is good for small scale entrepreneurs and comes in blue or black colors. It works perfectly on various surfaces like woods, metals, plastics and other surfaces depending on the user desires. Furthermore, the compact design allows you to store it without much space.

It prints quality contents and various codes. Also, the print is not only handheld but it can be made continuous depending on the requirements.

Tuobo Inkjet Printer

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  • Its equipped with a print button on piston grip hence u don’t need to connect to your computer
  • Fitted with a charging port for power supply
  • The charger has an adapter for power regulation hence its safer for use
  • It has a power on/off switch
  • Print roller for generation of prints
  • Large sensitive display for content programming

  • Software update easier with availability of the USB flash fitted

  • Easy to use, you can program your content without difficulty due large screen

  • Minimal operational cost in regard to the ink cartridge

  • If not handled with care when used for duration the nozzle can block

2. Dymo Qwerty Keyboard

This keyboard is fitted with a reliable and long-lasting battery that can serve you for hours. With this keyboard, you can text with ease and quickly on the computer style. Furthermore, the keyboard features fast-formatting keys that help you to edit your text fast.

It has a graphical display that allows you to see the font effects on the screen before you print. This keyboard is built with a compact and lightweight design that allows you to handle it with ease. Additionally, you can customize labels with graphics and fonts on your computer.

Dymo Qwerty Keyboard

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  • It is fitted with a battery for long-lasting power
  • Allows you to text and erase with ease
  • Equipped with fast formatting keys
  • Features a graphical display for showing the font effects

  • It is lightweight and compact

  • The keys are large and easy to use

  • It is great for labeling shelves, equipment, files, and many more

  • The screen resolution is a bit low

1. Entweg Portable Printer

This printer is fitted with a long-lasting chargeable battery for better work experience. It can be used a payment tool as well as a printing device. It supports other features including Bluetooth connectivity, wireless network and USB storage.

Most of the applications are based on android operating system, which makes it easy to use. It has large display with sensitive touch hence faster operation and execution of processes.

Entweg Portable Printer

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  • Fitted with long-lasting chargeable battery
  • Features an Android operating system
  • Payment and receipting tools
  • Bluetooth, 3G, wireless and USB connection supports
  • Large sensitive touch display screen

  • Light weighted hence can easily be carried around

  • It’s easier to use due to its interactivity

  • It can serve as both a payment and printing device

  • Only available for android supported applications

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Handheld Printer

  • Speed: Depending on the volumes of work you want to print, it is advisable that you choose a printing device that can handle the work with required speed of production demands. Printing speed is essential for determining output per seconds or per hour hence a business can actually plan on how to cater for its demands.
  • Image/print quality: Depending on the roles of your business or office the quality of out is key. Whether you do text, images or graphical designs, the quality will depend on the kind of the printer you choose for those roles.
  • Connection: It’s advisable that you go for a printer that suits the connectivity that is readily available at your office or business. This will determine how you will carry out your printing activities i.e. from a mobile device or normally from a computer.
  • Operational costs: This is in terms of Ink cartridges. How often will you be required to purchase or re-fill the chosen printer cartridge? Also, the durability of the printer will be a major concern. Is the printer durable?
  • Functionality: Analyze all the business requirements that should be essential for the chosen printer and ensure that it meets the requirements. Your business may want all-in –one printer with added functions like e-mails, faxing, scanning and photocopying.
  • Portability: How portable is the printer? Can it be used anywhere within the confines of your office or business operational area. In addition, what features does support the portability of the chosen printer?
  • Usability: The ease of use is a key. Is the printer interactive or intuitive in that it can installed in your work environment and be operated without a problem? Do the features support your business requirement?


With handled printers, you can meet your daily business demands by just determining the printer for your job. Handled printers have been perfected to incorporate the current technological demands. The portability aspects and the comfort of using this handled printers is fascinating and I would greatly recommend that you find the right printing device for your business.

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