Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2021 | Great Product Review

Are you in search of the most advanced and the superb laser tag blaster-vest gun for all ages? If yes, then search no more because here is a perfect compilation for you. This compilation outlines the high tech models of laser tag guns that will not only take your fun family gaming experience to another level but also make more exciting. With technological advancement, the laser tag has become a fascinating tool with multiple features that support multiplayer gaming. These guns come with various blaster modes setting to make your kids get the best out of laser gaming and colors to represent teams or even opponents. For instance, some feature four kinds of weapon switch between, namely, rocket gun, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol. These guns use human-safe infrared technology and thus making them great for gaming at parties and night.

However, there are various laser tag guns models out there today, and identifying the right model for you can be somehow daunting. You are likely to face a real challenge or hard time when trying to select the perfect option with ample shooting features and different game modes for kids. But luckily enough, you have provided with wisely models chosen for your kids. Have a look.

List of Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2021

Last update on 2022-07-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2022-07-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

10. ArmoGear Laser Tag gun

Bring the imminent of combat home with this breath-taking laser tag gun by ArmoGear! No other unit has real invisibility mode, target vests, voice-guided directions, night vision flashlight, and an extreme shooting range of 150 Ft! Lifelike shooting sounds and tactile vibrations make for intensely immersive gameplay, assured to turn adults and kids away from their TV! Besides, create cherished memories and have fun on birthday parties, holidays, or snow days, with laser tag tournament!

What’s more, it switches between exceptional power of rocket, pistol, machine gun, and shotgun to declare victory after blasting your opponent! These units are ergonomically engineered with a sturdy grip easy handling even for little kids.

ArmoGear Laser Tag gun

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  • 100% kid-safe infrared technology
  • Shooting range: 150 ft
  • Has 0.9mw infrared signal emission for safety
  • Night vision flashlight for finding your enemy in the dark
  • Voice-guided directions direct you through gameplay

9. Best Choice Products 4-Set Laser Tag Guns

Complete your battle experience with this laser tag guns from the best choice products. This laser tag gun blasts away with futuristic and authentic sound effects, lights and vibrations, for a real combat experience! These infrared bang blaster toys feature a remarkable 150-foot striking distance. It has an anti-cheating function that enables the opponent to revive eliminated game participants.

In addition, it has four blaster modes of settings to change during battle. And more importantly, it is compatible with some other sets such as SKY2862, SKY5064, SKY5062, SKY2861, SKY5061, and SKY5060. Its rifle has dimensions of 20-inches (L) by 1.75-inches (W) by 7-inches (H).

Best Choice Products 4-Set Laser Tag Guns

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  • Anti-cheating function for reviving an eliminated player
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Shooting range: 150ft
  • Has four blaster mode settings

8. USA Toyz Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns

Enjoy multiplayer games with a laser tag gun from USA Toyz. A 130-feet range characterizes this laser tag set. And more importantly, it has 0.9mW infrared lasers output, which is kid-free. It comes with four fire modes, namely; rocket launcher, toy pistol, submachine gun, and shotgun modes. It uses all 4-ways/modes for outdoor or indoor laser tag fun.

What’s more, you can play laser tag tournaments with friends & family. These sets are fantastic fun for children ages 6+. Each kid & adults toy gun needs (4) AA batteries. With gun target tech, no vests required for these settings. f. It is characterized by blasters that have life meter, grip reloads, and team selector. The turbo-boost the laser toy gun player with blaster tournament!

These four blasters have blaster sound FX, vibration feedback, & vibrant LEDs whenever you take or fire a hit.

USA Toyz Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns

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  • Kid-safe infrared sensors
  • Weighs 3.65 pounds
  • 100% quality assured
  • Firing modes: 4 modes

7. Best Choice Products Multicolor Laser Tag Gun

Say no to indoor computer video gaming by shifting your attention to backyard games with laser tag blaster. And to start with, this laser tag blaster from best choice products includes four desirable settings and is even characterized by multiplayer modes, sounds, and lights. With multiple gun modes, you can use any gun mode to combat your opponent. These blasters will keep every player moving around and active as well.

Apart from that, you can also adopt multiplayer mode to team up, battle friends, or even add more players as you wish. With its four blaster settings, you can choose from a missile launcher, submachine, shotgun, and pistol. Each features varied ammunition levels. Also, it comes with a life lost indicators. It has three lights that indicate the number of lives left. The nine life is granted to each player, and 1-light is equivalent to 3-lives.

Best Choice Products Multicolor Laser Tag Gun

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  • Plastic material construction
  • 130ft shooting range with infrared receiver for tracking and registering hits
  • It’s ASTM-certified
  • Support 4 blaster settings
  • Multi-player mode to accommodate more players in the game
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6. Play22 Original Infrared Laser Tag Laser Gun

Play22 presents four-pack laser tag guns for great group activity. These guns are manufactured using toxic-free ABS plastic for 100% safety satisfactory. Also, each gun has a hand solid grip design for comfortable handling. More interestingly, this laser Gun Toy is not only characterized by Tons Of great sound and beneficial Features but also four light colors such as red, white, blue, green.

The Laser tag gun can cultivate team awareness, encourage your players to work together, develop strategies, to aim higher to win the battle! It creates dreamy memories and thrilling moments. Moreover, it comes with realistic vibrations whenever you get shot or shoot. You can even purchase more sets in order to accommodate multiple players in the game.

Play22 Original Infrared Laser Tag Laser Gun

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  • Weighs 4.37 pounds
  • Strikes distance: 130 Feet
  • Meets all USA regulations for 100% Safety
  • Runs on 28 AA batteries
  • Vests feature 4 Gun Types

5. HISTOYE Vest Infrared 4 Packs Laser Tag Guns

Create wonderful memories and endless happiness for your kids with this laser tag gun from HISTOYE. This Laser tag toy gun is designed with injury-free infrared light, which is CPSC Approved for 100% Safety. This 0.9mW infrared signal emission is harmless to the eyes of players and kids. More increasingly, this laser tag guns by HISTOYE supports four players set and is even ratified safe for the kid of any age.

Another key point is its four-team colors, which you can choose to represent your four teams. These colors are white, red, blue, and green. You can use these colors to organize incredible battles with friends while still getting fascinated with super exciting action games. What’s more, you can freely switch between machine gun, single shot, rocket, and shotgun with greatly simulated shooting lights and sounds.

HISTOYE Vest Infrared 4 Packs Laser Tag Guns

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  • 4-team battle game
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable hand griping
  • CPSC Approved for 100% Safety assurance
  • Weighs 4.75 pounds
  • Easy to Operate

4. MESIXI Laser Tag Guns

Perfect your gaming experience with this laser tag guns from MESIXI. This blaster set is exclusively for kids, and it comes complete with tactile vibrations, booming sound effects, and flickering lights. And along with that, these four pack laser tag guns are great for a group activity, and it’s also designed with an elegant and super solid grip for comfort.

They are created with toxic-free ABS plastic to guarantee complete safety. The four teams can get engaged in riveting combat! And pleasingly enough, you can switch between exceptional power of rocket launcher, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol to blast your opponent and proclaim victory! The laser gun package includes protective glasses and extra tactical masks for children to enjoy the battle better. It can be used as a superb gift for holidays & birthday for kids.

MESIXI Laser Tag Guns

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  • Lifetime warranty to guarantee superior performance
  • Weighs 3.7 pounds
  • Multiplayer, multi-ammo for riveting battle
  • Laser gun alongside four gun types
  • CPSC, ASTM F963-17 ratified by US Lab for safety guarantee

3. Kidzlane Infrared Infrared 0.9mW Laser Tag Gun

Hurry up and become victorious with the use of this Laser tag guns from Kidzlane. This top-notch quality laser blasters will not only vibrate but also vibrate while shooting. The laser tag gun comes with four-different toy gun modes that allow for fascinating options. Each has a varied range of available lives recorded a shot and shots as well. Therefore, you can make a wise choice between a submachine gun, shotgun, rocket, and pistol! Its thundering sound effects, together with tactile vibrations and cool lights, bring the battle to life!

Additionally, you can still organize breath-taking combats with your acquaintances and enjoy the most astonishing action game! Besides that, you can also select your squad in white, bright green, blue or red and let the ruthless battles begin! With this laser tag toy, you make a family reunion, memorable birthday party or outdoor vacation is possible.

Kidzlane Infrared Infrared 0.9mW Laser Tag Gun

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  • Has shooting distance of 130ft
  • Laser Blasters vibrate and light-up while shooting
  • Support four-team action toy
  • Characterized by 4 Gun Settings
  • The ultra-realistic shooting sounds

2. Costzon 4PCS Infrared Battle Laser Tag Gun Blasters

Presented to you by costzon is a laser tag set with four gun modes to select. These include rocket launcher, shotgun, machine gun, and pistol. Each of these features its own particular simulated and unique sound. Besides, different gun categories correspond to varied numbers of bullets & different attack powers. With its ergonomic handle design, your kid can safely comfortably hold the gun for infrared battles.

What’s more, you can also select the four-team mode with four colors to select from. You can target your contender by pulling the trigger for authentic firing action experience. Its booming sound effects, tactile vibrations, and flickering lights turn your backyard or home compound into a fascinating battle arena, keeping all users excited enough.

Costzon 4PCS Infrared Battle Laser Tag Gun Blasters

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  • Weighs 3.7 pounds
  • Support 4 Gun modes & multiplayer mode
  • Ergonomic Handle Design for a comfortable grip
  • Use infrared emission in place of real bullets for safety

1. Ainek Laser Tag Guns Toys Sets

Turn your backyard or home compound into the arena for laser tag games with laser tag blaster from Ainek. With this laser tag, you can establish a fun family tournament, and more increasingly, this laser tag gun is characterized by lifelike shooting sounds and tactile vibration that help in creating cherished memory for your kids. Also, it provides deeply immersive gameplay at night, on birthday parties, and on holiday.

What’s more, these high-quality toy guns are manufactured with the quality standard in mind to make Ainek laser blasters of long lifespan and top quality toy gun for kids. Besides, both vest and blaster run on 3 AAA batteries though batteries are not included in the package. You can fight alone or pick your teammates up to 4 teams. And there four kinds of weapon switch between namely, rocket gun, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol.

Ainek Laser Tag Guns Toys Sets

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  • Its construction adheres to top-notch manufacturing standards for longevity
  • Come in pack of 4
  • The laser set uses infrared technology
  • It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries(not included)
  • Weighs 4.15 pounds

Laser Tag gun Buyer’s Guide

Here are some significant attributes that you should take into consideration before purchasing a laser tag gun.

  • Materials: Both vest and blasters should be manufactured with reinforced plastic for long-term service. The quality of material you choose will be based on blasters brands and style, though plastic one has dominated the market because it creates that such gun lightweight & durable to withstand routine use.
  • Vests: The modern laser guns are currently working as fire shots and target due to its infrared sensors. As a result, vests phase-out may occur. Such set models do not require equipment to work, and hence, these laser tag sets are becoming prevalent. But there are some different models with these vests. Such models need to balance the number of both blasters & vests for an ample multiplayer experience.
  • The number of blasters: This defines the number of guns included in the laser tag sets. As a standard feature, if your set has got so many blasters, then your multiplayer support mode, meaning many players will be included in the game. Though the number may vary from model to model, you need to choose the laser tag set based on your specific requirement.
  • Settings: The laser tag set should feature mode settings to allow for multiple playing options. Most of these blasters may include life meters for displaying the life available or ammunition. Some model has night vision LED light together with invisible mode for better hiding. The player can even enjoy a time of invincibility. Others have shield mode. Some of the superb laser tag guns incorporate several modes in which a user can choose. Such modes allow the player to switch between levels, impact weapons, and the sum of lives lost.
  • Shooting Range: Various guns have different shooting range that will be based on whether they are meant for indoor or outdoor use. If you choose a long reach gun, then it will provide players with space to arrange ambushes and hide. The most preferable one has a range of 130-feet.
  •  Shooting options: Considering these options, users can enjoy better control over their armory with various shooting options. Similarly, these options comprise of rockets launchers, pistols, shotguns, and machine guns. Each of these armaments has different lives, with their impact varying as well.


When compiling the above list, some important features that would concern any gamer or parent opting for an elegant laser tag gun were considered. Such consideration involves testing and trying the different models out there. Purchasing the better option requires you to opt for easy to handle, lightweight, and style laser tag guns.

This set incorporates four premium-quality vests & blasters with 0.9mW infrared rating emissions that harm your eyes. In all honesty, the blasters are characterized by different shooting options and settings, and you can utilize them to enhance your gaming experience with family or friends.

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