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Are you looking to buy a lathe machine? If yes, you would be surprised to know that the options available when it comes to lathe machines are plenty. It is because of their versatility, they have become quite famous. They allow you to do quite a few jobs on the workpieces. That is why; having one in your workshop is always an advantage. If you do not want to go through hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a lathe machine, our list of top 10 Best lathe machines below will undoubtedly help you out.

Along with the buying guide, you can select the best possible lathe machine quite easily.

List of Top 10 Best Lathe Machine in 2021

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10. Delta Industrial 46-460 Lathe

The lathe machine which we are highlighting now has a motor with a 1725 RPM rating. Also, the 12.5 inches capacity means that it is a lathe machine with one of the largest capacity. Also, you get a variable speed function due to the three-speed pulley mechanism.

The forward and the reversing function allow you to move the workpiece precisely as per your requirement. It supports the sanding option as well. That is why achieving the right finish is not going to be a problem. The patented design for the belt tensioning system means that changing the speed is quite quick and easy. Adjusting the belt precisely is also possible. With all of these features on offer along with a powerful motor, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Delta Industrial 46-460 Lathe

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  • The powerful motor on offer
  • 12.5 inches capacity
  • Electronic variable speed on offer
  • Patented belt tensioning system

9. Craftsman Upgrade CNC 3018 Machine

The advantage of this lathe machine is that it provides you with 3-axis control. It also consists of an integrated driver chip. With the help of a heat sink and an external fan, you can be sure that the heat dissipation mechanism is efficient. You can also assemble it in less than 20 minutes, which is why you should go for it. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linus, through the software which comes along with it.

Also, you can use it to engrave various materials like aluminum, plastic, PVC, PCB, and so on. There are three different control ways on offer. You can control it through the off-line controller, manual control, or computer control. As a result, customizing its operation and using it is quite easy. The efficient heat dissipation mechanism and multiple control mechanisms make it a reliable option.

Craftsman Upgrade CNC 3018 Machine

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  • 3-axis control
  • 3-way control mechanism
  • Quick to assemble
  • Excellent heat dissipation

8. Nova 71118 Comet II DR – Midi Lathe

The lathe machine on our list now runs at 4000 RPM. The minimum speed of this motor is 250 rpm. The electronic variable speed means that precise operation is possible. The digital readout mechanism allows you to set the speed precisely. As a result, you can get the operation done without any glitch.

The forward and reverse mechanism allows you to move the workpiece around quite easily. It consists of 12-inch swing over bed means that there is plenty of space for the workpiece. It consists of a 3-inch faceplate along with the 6-inch tool rest. As a result, using it is going to be easier than ever. The modular design, along with the digital readout, makes it stand out from others.

Nova 71118 Comet II DR - Midi Lathe

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  • Maximum RPM rating of 4000
  • Digital readout on offer
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • 12-inch swing over bed

7. Teknatool T30590-12″ x 16-1/2″ Nova Comet II Bench Lathe

With the motor of ¾ HP, you can be sure that it is adequately powered. The swing over the bed of this lathe machine is 12 inches. The distance between the centers is 16-1/2 inches.

Are you wondering about the RPM rating of the motor? If yes, the maximum RPM rating is 4000 RPM, and the minimum is 250 rpm. The three-step pulley mechanism makes it easy for you to work on this lathe machine. Additionally, the forward and reverse switch allows you to move the workpiece to attain the utmost finishing. The variable speed, as well as the complete control which you get over the workpiece, makes it a worthy contender.

Teknatool T30590-12" x 16-1/2" Nova Comet II Bench Lathe

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  • Adequately powered
  • Swing over a bed of 12 inches
  • 4000 RPM motor
  • Three-step pulley mechanism on offer
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6. Grizzly Industrial G0462-16″ x 46″ Wood Lathe

The unique factor of this lathe machine is that it has ten different speed levels. These can vary from 600 RPM to 2400 RPM. The distance between the centers is 43 inches. That is why; it is suitable for larger workpieces as well. The headstock spindle makes it easy and convenient to use it.

When you look at its build quality, it consists of a cast-iron bed along with cast-iron legs. That is why; the stability is on the higher side. The vibration is also lower due to enhanced stability, which means it is easy to operate. When you look at these features, it is easy to understand why it stands out among others.

Grizzly Industrial G0462-16" x 46" Wood Lathe

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  • Ten different speed levels
  • Maximum RPM rating of 2400
  • Cast-iron construction
  • High stability

5. WEN 3420T 2-Amp Variable Speed Benchtop Lathe

Do you prefer a lathe machine for smaller workpieces as well? If yes, this machine will be a perfect choice. The RPM rating can vary from 750 RPM to 3200 RPM. As a result, adjusting the speed of the motor is not a problem.

The 5-inch faceplate is suitable for non-spindle workpieces. As long as your workpieces are up to 12 inches long and 8 inches wide, you can easily use this lathe machine. The 2 AMP motor provides it with more than enough power. It also consists of 2 interchangeable tool rests. The fact that it is one of the very few lathe machines that allows you to work on smaller pieces makes it a hard to ignore option.

WEN 3420T 2-Amp Variable Speed Benchtop Lathe

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  • Maximum RPM rating of 3200
  • Suitable for smaller workpieces as well
  • Adequately powered motor
  • Easy to use

4. Hengwei Mini Motorized Lathe Machine

How about a lathe machine with an even powerful motor? Yes, you read it right. The highest RPM rating of this lathe machine is 20,000 rev pm. It is because of the high-speed motor incorporated into the design. Also, you can use it not only for DIY projects but also for the activity room, school general technical room, and other such applications. The Centre distance of 110 MM makes it suitable for smaller workpieces.

With components like tailstock, large slider, small slider, and so on, using the lathe machine is not going to be a problem. The quality of the parts and the lathe machine is such that it can handle wear and tear and can stand the test of time. The fact that it is suitable for smaller workpieces and also is highly durable certainly sets it apart.

Hengwei Mini Motorized Lathe Machine

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  • High maximum RPM rating
  • Comes with all the essential parts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly durable

3. Jet JWL-1015 Wood Working Lathe

With six spindle speeds, you have some choice when it comes to the speed of this machine. The speeds vary from 500 to 3975 RPM. That is why; the maximum speed is pretty high, which makes it suitable for a variety of workpieces. The 24 position indexing means that positioning the workpiece perfectly as possible.

The distance of 15-1/2 inches between the centers means that holding the workpiece is not a problem. With a proper tensioning system, you can access the workpiece between the belts quite easily. The wider bed means that you need not worry about positioning the workpiece. The convenience which this lathe machine provides is sure to grab your attention.

Jet JWL-1015 Wood Working Lathe

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  • Six different speed levels
  • 24 position indexing
  • Improved tensioning system
  • Easy to use

2. Grizzly Industrial G0768-8″ x 16″ Lathe

The 600 W motor of this lathe machine can provide up to 2000 RPM of speed. On the lower side, it provides 50 RPM of speed as well. As a result, working with small and medium-sized workpieces is quite easy.

The swing over bed of 8-1/4 inches makes it highly versatile. The distance between the centers is 15-3/4 inches. The efficient design means that it will not occupy a lot of space. Besides, there is a digital readout as well. The digital readout, along with the knob, allows you to set the speed precisely. So, you can work with a wide variety of workpieces without any problem. The digital readout, as well as the powerful motor, makes this lathe machine probably the perfect choice for you.

Grizzly Industrial G0768-8" x 16" Lathe

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  • Powerful motor
  • High RPM rating
  • Digital readout on offer
  • Suitable for precise operation

1. Chuangsheng Mini Lathe Machine

How about a lathe machine that can work with quite a few materials? If that is your requirement, this one is a good choice. It can work with hardwood, softwood, metals, plastic, as well as wood. It means that the number of workpieces that you can work with is virtually unlimited. With the proper clamping mechanism, you can be sure that the workpiece will remain in place. The center distance is 135 MM.

With a motor rating of 20,000 revolutions per minute, it is suitable for high-speed operation as well. There are seldom many other lathe machines which can provide you with such a high number of revolutions. Not only that, but it also incorporates various safety features. These include over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and over current protection. Due to this reason, the durability of this lathe machine is on the higher side. The versatility and high-speed rating of this lathe machine are much more superior to many other options available.

Chuangsheng Mini Lathe Machine

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  • Works with a variety of different materials
  • High-speed rating of 20,000 revolutions per minute
  • Incorporates various safety features
  • Holds the workpiece in a stable fashion
  • Easy to use

Factors to Consider While Buying a Lathe Machine

The parameters which you should look out for before buying the lathe machine are:

  • Speed of The Motor: The motor is the heart of the lathe machine. Many consumers think that the higher the RPM or the revolution rating of the motor, the better it is. You need to understand that if you’re working with smaller workpieces, you might need a wide range rather than just higher RPM. On the other hand, if you’re working with medium-sized pieces, you should go with one with a higher RPM rating.

On the lower side, the motor should be able to offer you around 100 RPM. On the higher side, 1000 rpm is a good enough rating to work with. The speed which you need would be ultimately dependent on the type of workpiece for which you are using the lathe machine.

  • Adjustment Mechanism: The lathe machine should be such that you can adjust the speed easily. If it consists of a digital readout, it is a definite advantage. The more precise the speed adjustment mechanism of the lathe machine, the better it is.
  • Swing Over Bed Size: The size of the swing over the bed will let you know the kind of workpiece you can work with. The swing over bed size determines the size of the workpiece. That is why; it is an important metric which you need to keep in mind.
  • Stability: The lathe machine should be able to hold the workpiece stably. Only when that is the case, precise cutting, sanding, and other such functions are possible. You cannot ignore the stability of the lathe machine. These four parameters will help you in buying the best lathe machine quite easily.

Our list below consists of the top 10 options on which you can compare on these four parameters to pick the best lathe machine.


When you’re searching for the best lathe machine available, our list of top 10 options above is the one which you should stick to. When you choose from these machines, you’re choosing a reliable option, which is easy to use. Instead of buying one and then getting confused regarding its maintenance and use, it is a good idea to opt for one from our list above.

We have considered and evaluated numerous parameters while compiling this list, and therefore this list only includes the best lathe machines on offer.

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