Top 10 Best Ping Putters in 2021 | Great Product Review

If there is a gaming area that causes too much stress among golfers, that has to be putting. Every stage in the golfing game is basically very crucial but the final putt remains very essential. That determines whether a certain swing will be fit for the gods. While it is impossible to enjoy golf without a technique, you will also need a good putter that will match. You must, therefore, get the one that matches your height as well as the weight you yearn for.

There are so many ping putters that are available for sale but that does not mean that they are all going to be perfect for you. This is the reason why we have compiled the best ping putters that you will get in the market today. With any of these, you can always rest assured to succeed in the game all the time. All the same, you will still need to do the comparison to make sure that you get the best. Later, we shall discuss how you need to shop for a ping putter.

List of Top 10 Best Ping Putters in 2021

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10. Autopilot S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

We begin this review with the S7K golf putter perfectly designed to give a better stroke. It features a stroke balance construction which allows better acceleration through impact. Additionally, you can easily square at impact without moving the blade with your hand. Furthermore, it has a striking dot that helps you focus on the impact thus making solid consistent putts.

Another good thing about the S7K is that it is designed to stand up on itself without external support. This allows you to set it behind your ball and check its alignment from any direction. Moreover, it has a triple line guide for setting to ensure you get the intended path. What’s more, it features an ultra-light hand grip for comfortable handling to achieve a maximum stroke.

Autopilot S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

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  • It stands up by itself
  • It has a built-in impact position and a striking dot
  • Easy to check the alignment
  • Comes with ultra-light grip

9. Pinemeadow PGX SL Golf Putter

The PGX SL putter is another amazing putter that you should consider to own. It is designed with high precision to help you make more putts than you can with other putters. Further on, it features an offset hosel to allow proper alignment while making sure the putt is on the right path from the beginning. Besides, the face insert helps minimize skipping to create a perfect and smooth roll.

Additionally, it features a spider grip made of polyurethane and fiber layers. This gives a comfortable firm grip and provides shock absorption. Apart from that, you will appreciate that the white color on this putter is designed to improve vision clarity and enhance aim. What’s more, the putter comes with a headcover to protect it while not in use.

Pinemeadow PGX SL Golf Putter

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  • It has a perfect balance
  • Comes with alignment tool
  • Comes with a headcover
  • It has a face insert for smooth roll

8. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Golf Putter

This is a high-quality putter made of soft stainless steel to last features a milled face which creates a soft feel hence great performance. Apart from that, it also gives a satisfying sound even with a softer feel. Additionally, it has a standard grip to ensure it is comfortable as well as to help you square the putter. What’s more, you will appreciate that this putter is designed to help you achieve great performance and become a better putter.

With this putter, you will make more putts than you have done before with other putters. Further on, you will appreciate it is a high-quality blade putter and is available at an affordable price. Another good thing is that is has a 34’’ shaft and you can also choose from 33’’ and 35’’ which are also available. Lastly, it has a designed tour-proven shape.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Golf Putter

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  • Made of soft 304 stainless steel
  • Has a milled face for a softer feel and consistent roll
  • It has a shaft length of 34’’
  • It has a designed tour-proven shape

7. JAMESMILR Topspin Mallet 6 Forged Butterfly Golf Putter

The Topspin golf putter is a high-quality tool that conforms to the USGA RULES. It features steel construction with nickel plating for stability and durability. Besides, it features a mallet-style design and with a standard size making it fit for either pro or low handicapper. Moreover, it has a curved face which ensures confident easy stroke and gets the ball rolling quickly.

Another good thing about Topspin putter is that it has a rotating gear effect which helps achieve the best alignment. Therefore, you will appreciate the great performance as well as better distance and direction control. What’s more, this putter is designed to ensure you enjoy your golf game by eliminating ball hopping, skidding as well as side spinning.

JAMESMILR Topspin Mallet 6 Forged Butterfly Golf Putter

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  • Has a curved face
  • Easy to stroke and gets the ball rolling
  • Has a rotating gear effect
  • Made of soft steel and nickel plating
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6. TaylorMade Spider X Golf Putter

The TaylorMade spider X putter is one of the leading innovations that bring you the best technology in your golf game. It features a new true path alignment system that is optically engineered to achieve optimal stability. Besides, the alignment system helps improve putting accuracy by making it easier to visualize the intended target line.

Additionally, spider X features a redesigned head made of a steel frame which is 30% heavier to help minimize twisting. Further on, it utilizes a 320g frame with high perimeter weight for improving mass properties and stability. It also has redesigned weight ports that allow personalization of feel and stability. What’s more, it has rolled insert which improves sound and the feel for better performance.

TaylorMade Spider X Golf Putter

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  • It has an optical engineered path alignment system
  • Head made of steel to increase stability
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Has redesigned weight ports for personalization of feel

5. Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

This putter features an eye-catching vertical grip that comes with a larger diameter that will improve feel. Other than getting a responsive feel, you will also appreciate that it gives precise accuracy around the green. You will also appreciate that this is an all-weather golf putter that has an oversize paddle grip to give a greater feel as well as control.

If you are looking to have accurate puts every other time, this is the item that you will need to get. You will appreciate that it has multiple density areas in the face inserts as well as an alignment aid for that purpose. Additionally, the golf putter comes at a relatively affordable price. One thing that you should however note about this putter is that it is made for the left hand.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

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  • All-weather and over-size paddle grip
  • Easy alignment design
  • Features a vertical seam grip
  • The putter length is 35 inches

4. PING Ketsch Putter, Black

This putter comes in a clean and sharp-looking mallet design. Due to the shaft adjustability, the grip will be very thick compared to the one that you get on the standard options. For that reason, you will keep the hands very quiet amid the stroke. In case you will want a thin grip, you will appreciate that there is a non-adjustable version.

Another great feature that you will appreciate about this putter is that it features the true roll technology with deep grooves on the face’s center. This, therefore, means that the speeds of the ball will be consistent all through the face for better distance control. If you are looking to get consistent strokes, this is the best golf putter to use.

PING Ketsch Putter, Black

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  • True roll technology
  • Adjustable length & various arc profiles
  • It has a slightly triangular resemblance
  • Ideal for getting consistent strokes

3. GoSports Golf Putter for Right and Left-Handed Golfers

This is a 2-way iron putter that was designed all the way from the USA and made like the timeless putters of previous generations. You will appreciate that the putter has a 35” shaft allowing you to master the short game skills. Another convenient feature about the putter is that it has been made both for the right and left-handed golfers.

With this golf putter, you will enjoy a rubberized grip which adds stability and comfort. If you are looking to practice the game at home as well as the office, this one will be the best putter to use. What you will like about this putter is that it comes with the Gosport’s warranty. For that reason, you need to purchase confidently.

GoSports Golf Putter for Right and Left-Handed Golfers

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  • Premium comfortable grip
  • It has a timeless design
  • Comes with the Gosport’s warranty
  • A relatively affordable price

2. Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

This is the best pick as far as chippers for women are concerned. You will appreciate that the chipper was made to appear like the large mallet putter and almost like the Odyssey putter. Additionally, it comes with the white round ball at the back and line through it that serves as an aid for alignment. Another feature to appreciate about the putter is it’s back weighted design which is ideal for distance control.

The length of a putter is essentially the club and comes with a gooseneck hosel to aid in preventing shanks as it makes contact with the golf ball. You will also appreciate that it comes with a satin finish to prevent glare on sunny days. Another great feature about the putter is that it comes in the right as well as left-handed models.

Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

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  • Features a shank-proof design
  • Advanced alignment toplines
  • Features a back weighted design
  • Putter length with 7-iron loft

1. Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

This putter includes a unique and new method to distribute the weight evenly which helps to improve the dynamics of the stroke physically. You will also appreciate that the tip employs heavy graphite while the shaft incorporates steel. Additionally, the stroke lab shaft has been made in a slightly stiffer design and has a lower torque compared to other putter shafts.

Another great feature that you will like about the golf putter is that there is extra weight on the sole as well as the grip’s butt-end. This changes the dynamics of the putter that helps the golfer repeat a smooth and very accurate stroke. The putter combines the white-hot feel with so many micro hinges to promote topspin fir acute distance control.

Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

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  • Innovative weight distribution
  • Slightly stiffer for more comfort
  • Gives smooth and accurate strokes
  • Comes in a lightweight design

Buying Guide

  • Grips: The putter grips have continued evolving with time over the past few years. What took the market by storm is that SuperStroke due to the putter grip designs. Whether you want hick or square grips, that will be availed to you. For the tick grip, it will be relatively hard to use the wrist amid the stroke. Based on what you prefer, you must choose a grip that gives a consistent putting stroke.
  • Length: Long and the belly putters dominated the market over the past few years. Most golfers were forced to change their way of putting after a ban was placed for these putters by the relevant bodies. A standard length for the putter is required to be 35 inches even though some players will opt for shorter lengths while others go for longer ones.
  • Weight: The construction of the ping putter will basically affect the weight. If you are looking to get consistent putts, you must be sure to get a putter made with the best quality materials. Ping putters made with a steel frame will be relatively heavier than their competitors. That, therefore, means that there will be no unwanted twisting.


The power is basically in the putt for any golfer so you must make sure to get the best golf putter. It is our hope that this review helped you get the best model that you are going to use to beat your competitors. The best golf putter should last but that will come at a value. You, therefore, do not have to get wore about getting an expensive ping putter. In the buying guide above, we highlighted important factors that you must consider when doing the selection.

You also need to think of your playing mode when choosing these products. Basically, this review has all the information you need to choose the best ping putter. What you only need to do is read through the entire post.

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