Top 10 Best Sunbeam Electric Blanket in 2021 – Reviews Best Guide

If you’re residing in the cold-weather areas, then say bye to the incident of climbing into cold bed sheets again because electric heated blanket has news for you. Electric blankets are just blankets that feature insulated wire threaded inside them that can securely heat up via an electrical outlet. These blankets are not only warm but also comfortable and soft as well.

In all honesty, these heated blankets are also ideal for treating cramping muscles or menstrual cramps. Additionally, they have a thermostat for lowering degrees at night, and hence saving you fund on your electric bill and gas refilling charges.

List of Top 10 Best Sunbeam Electric Blanket in 2021

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10. MaxKare Electric Heated Blanket

This luxury electric heated blanket by MaxKare fully covers your body while offering soothing heat. It features ETL certification. This assures you of safety and quality. Remarkably, its heating wires are uniformly placed. This ensures even heat distribution. Don’t worry about overheating since it includes an overheating protection system. It then has three heat levels. Easily control your desired warmth through a button.

Another thing is its 8-hour auto-off feature. Then again, this electric heated blanket features a plush flannel. The material is also very soft for maximum comfort. It’s also machine washable. Just remove the power cord and controller before washing. Finally, this Sunbeam electric blanket includes a 24-months warranty.

MaxKare Electric Heated Blanket

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  • Three heating levels
  • Skin-friendly flannel material
  • Measures 72” by 84.”
  • Soft &deluxe flannel
  • 8hrs built-in timer
  • Has an overheat protection system
  • Detachable power cord and controller
  • One-button Easy Control

9. Sunbeam TRT8WR-R764-25A00 Heated Blanket

Curl up & relax, wrapped in the comfy warmth of this Heated Throw Blanket from Sunbeam. Cuddly and soft fabric forefends winter chills, whereas the ThermoFine technology system senses for warming and auto-adjusting function for delivering constant warmth for hours. More importantly, the controller is characterized by 3-hour Auto-Off & 3-heat Settings. It also has a Special wiring system senses that adjust throughout the heated blanket throw.

The Sunbeam brand makes every effort to offer complete customer confidence and satisfaction. With your purchase, the warranty extends the guarantee of performance and quality. Choosing the Sunbeam brand can make you enjoy warm comfort for many years.

Sunbeam TRT8WR-R764-25A00 Heated Blanket

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  • Has dual-sided ThermoFine technology
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Has 3-hour auto-shutoff function
  • Made of dryer safe and machine washable fabric
  • Royal Mink /Cozy Sherpa material

8. Beautyrest Electric Blanket Warm

Check out the Beautyrest electric heated blanket. Firstly, this blanket features pure polyester. This material provides maximum comfort. Secondly, it includes a 3-level heat setting. Using a controller, you can choose your desired warmth. Thirdly, this electric heated blanket meets ETL and UL safety standards. Next, it’s very stylish with a bold colored heated wrap.

On top of that, the Beautyrest blanket is machine washable. However, do not iron or bleach. Also, it comes with the auto-shutoff function. The blanket shuts off after two hours to avoid overheating. Unlike other ordinary electric blankets, this blanket does not cause magnetic field emissions. Enjoy a 30-days return in case of any concerns and a 5-year warranty.

Beautyrest Electric Blanket Warm

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  • Pure Polyester material
  • Measures 50” by 60.”
  • Three-setting heat controller
  • 2hrs built-in timer
  • Ultra stylish & comfort
  • Heated wrap with valiant color
  • Weight 3.35 pounds

7. Tefici Electric Heated Blanket

Tefici heating blanket provides excellent coverage and maximum comfort for all sore muscles in the entire body. Tefici blanket heated throw is tailored using super cozy, and soft flannel. It provides your families with the ultimate feelings. It also incorporates the LED Controller that helps in adjusting the heat conveniently. Ideally, this blanket has three temperatures settings for accommodating your comfort level: high (~113⁰ F), medium (~104⁰ F), and low (~ 95⁰ F).

Additionally, this machine-washable flannel warmer incorporates a detachable heating pad and controller for maximum durability. It also provides comfort feelings and maximum softness for your skin. Also, this Tefici heating throw is ideal for your office and can even cover your entire body.

Tefici Electric Heated Blanket

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  • Automatic switch-off after 4 hours
  • NTC + PTC heating system for overheating protection
  • Washable heating blanket
  • Tailored with super cozy yet soft flannel
  • Has three temperature settings alongside the led indicator
  • Detachable heating pad and Controller
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6. Comfort Spaces Electric heated Blanket

Stay comfortable & warm even during winter or coldest nights, with Comfort Spaces100% Microlight elegant/micro-plush electric heated blanket. These blankets are warm reversible heated and super soft. It comes in grey & burgundy with microlight at the reverse and on front. For safety precautions, the product includes an auto shut-off function. Also, the package incorporates one snuggle covering with a controller.

What’s more, snuggle wrap has got a measurement of 50-inches (W) by 64-inches (L) alongside 36-inches opening. For quality guarantee, this blanket is companied by 30-day free return hence offering 100% satisfaction.

Comfort Spaces Electric heated Blanket

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  • Weighs 3.4 pounds
  • One snuggle covering with a controller
  • Includes auto shut-off function
  • Machine washable fabric

5. Pure Warmth Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Introduce optimal comfort and ultimate warmth to your body with a heated electric throw from Pure Warmth. The electrical bedding products by Pure Warmth make the ideal companion for cozying up on your bed or sofa on a breezy night. The other pleasing thing with this electric blanket is that it is equipped with a digital controller that incorporates six heat and auto-off settings. The throw blanket is made of cozy micro mink natural Sherpa. For additional comfort, this blanket features ultra-thin heating wires, and for easy care, this blanket is dryer safe and machine washable.

For reliability and safety, the controller features an auto-shut-off timer. In all honesty, all Blankets by Pure Warmth are tested & ratified by ETK Intertek or UL or to abide by industry safety standards.

ure Warmth Electric Heated Throw Blanket

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  • Auto-shut-off controller
  • Has ultra-thin heating wires
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Weighs 4.4 pounds
  • Made with100% polyester
  • Soft and comfortable

4. WAPANEUS Electric Blanket

This electric heated blanket from WAPANEUS has three heat settings. Select your desired warmth (95°F to 113°) through a button. More importantly, it features a fast heating function. Equally important, its skin-friendly velvet and flannel materials ensure both comfort and warm surrounding.

Furthermore, it’s machine washable. However, make sure you remove the controller before washing. Moreover, this electric heated blanket is certified by ETL. Therefore, it includes protection against overheating and short-circuits. It also shuts off automatically after 4 hours of heating. With a 9.8 ft long cord, you can use it in a large room. Lastly, this electric heated blanket includes a 5-years warranty.

APANEUS Electric Blanket

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  • Has 9.8-feet long cable
  • Upgraded machine-washable design
  • Measures 50” by 60.”
  • Comes with 4hrs built-in timer
  • Has 3-hour auto shut-off
  • Three heat settings
  • Double-sided reversible design
  • Flannel and Velvet materials

3. Holmes Oversized Heated Throw blanket

Holmes presents garnet red ultra-soft velvet plush electric blankets. For greater heated blankets performance, 110V Electrical systems are used. For ultimate coziness on the recliner or couch, the luxurious electric throw offers added warmth and premium softness when you want to forefend those winter chills quickly. With 3-hour auto-shut-off and 3-heat settings, this blanket is good enough to provide maximum safety protection.

It also features dry-safe and machine-washable 100% polyester that guarantees unsurpassed durability. Unlike other electric blankets, this heated blanket is characterized by ThermoFine technology for heat control. The product is also accompanied by a limited manufacturer’s warranty for 5-year.

Holmes Oversized Heated Throw blanket

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  • Adjustable thermostat for comfort and warmth
  • Includes 3-heat settings
  • Ultra-Soft Velvet-Plush material
  • Made with dryer-safe Machine-washable 100 % Polyester
  • Measures 60-inches x 70-inches
  • Has 3-hour auto-off
  • Weight 4 pounds

2. Bedsure Electric Heated Blanket

If you’re in pursuit of an electric heated blanket with much safer usage, then Bedsure has exciting news for you. This blanket used low-voltage non-hazardous technology that is not dangerous in moist or in a humid environment. More definitely, it includes some safety features like auto shut-off function and inbuilt overhead protection.

More pleasingly, this heated throw blanket incorporates 21-personalized heating settings that guarantees accurate temperatures control. This heating blanket features auto shut-off function alongside a 10-hour sleep timer. For gentle warming heat, this blanket has invisible wires that are covered in fiberfill heat. More flexible, thinner wires (0.05 in.) enhance uniform distribution of heat, without perceptible cold or hot spots.

Bedsure Electric Heated Blanket

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  • Has 21-heat settings
  • Ultra-thin, flexible wires
  • Low-voltage technology
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Overheating Protection
  • Nanotex fresh protect
  • Has lighted led display

1. True-North-by-Sleep-Philosophy Electric Blanket

With this heated throw, comfortable and warm feelings are guaranteed. This blanket incorporates heated technology with adjustable temperature for secure comfort. It gives overall temperature control, the ambient temperature, and spot temperatures of your chamber, ensuring a consistent warmth distribution. This unique technology can even emit virtually electromagnetic free field emissions.

Unlike other standard heated throws, this oversized throw blanket from True-North-by-sleep-philosophy is a foot bigger in the width &length. The ultra-soft microlight plush material creates a comfortable, cozy throw. Moreover, the throw incorporates 2-hour auto-shut-off and 3-heat settings for optimum control. For easy care, the material is machine-washable. For a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the package is characterized by a warranty of 5 years.

True-North-by-Sleep-Philosophy Electric Blanket

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  • Incorporates ultra-thin wires for stylish comfort
  • Weighs 4.82 pounds
  • The controller includes 2-hour auto-shut-off and three heat settings
  • Luxury heated technology with adjustable temperature function
  • Super lenient microlight fabric solid alongside quality pilling free fabrication
  • Measures 60-inches x 70-inches

What to Look for in an Electric Blanket

  • Material: If your electric blanket provides desirable warmth but not soft, you will like. Luckily, most recent electric blankets are tailored using soft microfiber fabrics, which feel comfy to the touch. They are also made with sherpa-style blankets, which are warm and fuzzy. For easy care, the significant benefit of these polyester microfiber products is that many are machine-washable.
  • Dual temperature control: It is always judicious to consider the version with dual temperature control if your purchase will be for sharing. This way, each half blanket will be controlled separately by each fellow so that each fellow is not too cold or too hot. The product with dual temperature controls typically costs more compared with a single temperature zone model.
  • Size: The size you select can easily tell whether the electric blanket is for lounging indoors or for your bed. Comfortable blanket size is great and practical for sleeping. It may also overwhelm your sitting space or couch. There are several medium-sized electric throw blankets available. Consequently, if you need a heated blanket for warming your whole bed, choose King or Twin size.


An electric or heated blanket is a perfect companion for someone who resides in cold areas. These blankets feature in various varied sizes for a perfect fit. Many heated blankets incorporate an automatic shut-off function that turns it off where necessary. Order one today and start fending off cold weather.

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