Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes in 2021 | Best Product Reviews

Are you looking for the ultimate tandem bike? Here are some top-rated bikes categorized by speeds, built, safety, and wheel sizes.

The tandem bikes are designed to accommodate two riders who wish to ride on a single bike. The bikes are fitted with two comfy saddles and large wheels that will move easily on all terrains. More interestingly, they are built using quality durable frames and forks for long-term use. In addition to this, tandem bikes are also safe since they have a quality braking system.

To get the ultimate tandem bike, you should consider the features. For example, look for the speeds, built, brakes, wheels sizes, and saddles just to name a few.

List of Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes in 2021

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10. KENT Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem Bike

This is a high-quality tandem bike that features a highly durable cruiser-style frame. Due to this, it is a very sturdy and strong bike that will serve you longer. More interestingly, the bike has large 19.5-inches tires that move smoothly on all terrains. The tires also have improved traction for safety. Equipped with alloy linear pull V brakes, the is very safe as you can stop instantly. It is a comfy tandem bike that is fitted with two large saddles for maximum comfort. Again, the handlebars are ergonomically positioned to provide better control of the bike.

The 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive plus Revo shifters twists make it a very efficient bike that will bring about great riding speed. It has two water bottle holders for both riders and, therefore, very convenient. The bike has an easy to access height with the rear at 20-inches and 29-inches for the front. What is more, the is budget-friendly thus a perfect pick you never want to miss.

KENT Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem Bike

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  • Durable cruiser-style frame
  • Pair of gel spring saddles
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney
  • 5-inches tires

9. Kulana Lua Single Speed Tandem Bike

The wheel sizes should be a feature to check when making the order. This is a classy tandem bike with large 26-inches wheels and, therefore, brings about a smooth ride. Besides this, the bike has ergonomic easy-reach handlebars plus a cruiser rise stem provides quality comfort for all users. With this, you will comfortably ride and get better control. Again, it has quality fenders that guarantee convenient riding under all weather conditions. It is a very stable and strong bike that is carefully crafted using Hi-Ten steel materials. Due to this, it comfortably supports two riders. The oversized front fork also gives added stability and excellent performances.

Also, the bike has foot-operated brakes that make it safer and convenient for all users. The single-speed bike is a great selection for couples or friends who wish to ride together.

Kulana Lua Single Speed Tandem Bike

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  • Hi-Ten steel frames
  • Single-speed bike
  • Foot-operated brake
  • 26-inches large wheels
  • Cruiser ergonomic handlebars

8.  Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

Here is a strong and sturdy bike that provides great support to the users since it made from a durable steel tandem frame. This, therefore, provides great comfort to the riders. Second, to this, the bike is driven by 21-speed twist shifter and Shimano 21-speed derailleur. Because of this, you can easily shift the speeds to allow for great speed. The bike is also fitted with large alloy wheels that allow it to move easily. The 26-inches wheels are lightweight yet very strong for increased longevity. More interestingly, it is a comfy bike that has two spring saddles ergonomically designed handlebars thus offers a great riding experience.

To add more, the bike is fitted with alloy linear-pull brakes that make it safe for all riders. The larger petals are very comfy to step on and offers a great riding experience.

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

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  • Shimano 21 speed derailleur
  • Alloy linear-pull brakes
  • 26-inches alloy wheels
  • Steel tandem frames
  • Alloy crank

7. SupremeSaver 26-Inches Kulana Lua Tandem Bike

For a safe ride on all weather conditions, you should check for the braking system. This is a convenient bike fitted with integrated coast rear brakes that provide a very powerful braking system. Second, to this, the bike has been designed using quality Hi-Ten steel frames for better stability and increased lifespan. Because of this, it perfectly accommodates two riders for a smooth ride. With the padded seat and relaxed riding position, you will easily cruise and have fun when riding. The bike features half rear and front half wrap fenders that bring about convenience when riding under different weather conditions.

It has large 26-inches tires with improved traction so that it maneuvers easily on different surfaces. The single-speed bike brings about a great speed and despite the quality features, it is budget-friendly.

SupremeSaver 26-Inches Kulana Lua Tandem Bike

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  • 26-inches large tires
  • Integrated coast rear brakes
  • Hi-Ten steel frames
  • Comfy padded seats
  • Half wrap front and rear fenders
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6. Giordano 700C Tandem Road Bike

When looking for the ultimate bike to go riding with your partner or friend, this is a great pick you need to consider. The tandem bike is very comfy and maneuvers easily on all terrains. This is because of the ergonomic handlebars that allow for easy control. Again, the large 38mm comfort tires bring about a great riding experience. The 36-hole double alloy rims also guarantee extended use.

The good news is that the bike is highly durable since it is built from 6061 aluminum frames that offer great stability for all riders. Other than this, it also has 6061 aluminum folks for added performance. The Shimano 16-speed bike will suit your riding needs and for safety purposes, it has mechanical disc brakes. Lastly, the tandem bike also has dual bottle holders for all rider to get carry their own drinking water.

Giordano 700C Tandem Road Bike

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  • 6061 aluminum frame built
  • Shimano Altus 16-speed bike
  • 700c x 38mm tires
  • Double-wall 36-hole alloy rim
  • Mechanical disc brakes

5. PFIFF Tandem Bike

PFIFF Tandem Bike is a top-rated bike that will offer excellent riding experience. The bike has been fitted with Velo comfort saddles that you can adjust to suit the height of the rider. Due to this, it is a perfect bike ride with your kid. That said, the bike has Shimano 7-speed, which makes it great for attaining a higher speed. The coaster braking system means that it is very safe for all riders. It has been beautifully designed using the highest quality of aluminum alloy and fork to bring about extended use.

The bike has comfy ergonomically designed handlebars that allow for a comfy ride by all. It has fender so that you get to easily cruise under all weather conditions. The reflective tires and double-wall rims allow for an easy ride on all terrains.

PFIFF Tandem Bike

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  • Shimano 7-speed bike
  • Aluminum double-wall rims
  • Schwalbe reflective tires
  • Aluminum frames and fork
  • Quick-release seat post clamps

4. Mantis Taureno Tandem Bike

This is a powerful Shimano 18 speed bike that you will find favorite for your riding needs. The bike is equipped with comfy nylon pedals that allow for easy cycling. Apart from this, it is a highly durable bike that has sturdy MTB steel frames and steel suspension fork. This implies that the bike can support two users for a comfy ride. Other than this, it also features a quick-release seat post clamp so that you can easily adjust the seats. The soft padded saddles coupled with ergonomic handlebars bring about great comfy when riding.

To add more, it has highly durable aluminum rims and large 26-inches whitewall tires that easily moves. You can, therefore, ride the bike on all surfaces irrespective of the weather conditions. The tandem bike has V-brake rear brakes and front disc brakes for safe riding.

Mantis Taureno Tandem Bike

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  • Shimano 18-speed bike
  • Durable steel frames and a suspension fork
  • Quick-release seat post clamp
  • Spring comfy saddles
  • Rear V-Brakes and front disc brakes

3. Supsuper Dual Drive Tandem Bike

Featuring seven mechanical discs braking system, this is a very safe bike you need to consider. With this, you can easily stop when needed. Besides this, it is also a comfy bike that has spring padded saddles with two varying heights. This means that you can adjust to suit your riding height. Also, it is a highly durable bike that has been built using quality cruiser style frames for long-term use. This also makes it sturdy enough to support the weight of the riders.

It has a heavy-duty kickstand for easy parking of the bike and with two water bottles included, the riders get to carry their own water bottles. The large 26-inches wheels of the bike provide an easy and smooth ride on all terrains. Lastly, the low step-thru design allows for easy on and off the bike. Read more: Top 10 Best Bike Chain Lock

Supsuper Dual Drive Tandem Bike

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  • Durable cruiser style frame
  • Heavy-duty kickstand
  • 7 mechanical disc brakes
  • Two varying seat heights
  • Low step-thru design

2. Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bike

When you wish to go riding with friends, this is a great tandem bike that you will find suitable. The bike moves effortlessly on terrains thanks to the large 26-inches wheels. Secondly, it has a 21-speed Shimano system so that you ride at varying speeds. The EZ-Fire trigger system allows for easy shifting of the speeds. The highly durable bike has been constructed using quality aluminum frames, which implies that it will serve longer plus accommodate the weight of two riders.

More interestingly, it is a safe bike fitted with the mechanical braking system to guarantee a safe ride. The bike also features padded saddles that offer great comfort to both riders. For easy control, it has an ergonomic handlebar; hence a great selection for all users.

Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bike

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  • 21-speed Shimano bike
  • Quality aluminum frames
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 26-inches large tires
  • Ergonomic grip handlebars

1. YUMEIGE Kid’s Tandem Bike

In case you need the perfect tandem bike for your kids, this is a unique selection you need to consider. The bike is very comfy as it has adjustable padded saddles. Again, the handlebars offer a non-slip grip for easy control of the bike. It is fitted with 20-inches wheels so that it moves smoothly for a great ride.

The high-quality bike has been built using the highest quality of iron frames to guarantee long-term use and stability. In addition to this, it has a rear carrier for added carriage space. It is a very safe bike with an anti-lock brake system, which ensures that the kid rides safely.

YUMEIGE Kid’s Tandem Bike

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  • Anti-lock braking system
  • 20-inches large tires
  • Quality iron frames
  • Non-slip ergonomic handlebars
  • Geometric design

Tandem Bike Buyer’s Guide

  • Construction: First and foremost, consider the construction of the bike you wish to buy. The bike should be made using the highest quality of steel or aluminum frames. Besides this, there are bikes with iron frames. The steel or iron frames are highly durable and sturdy to support two users comfortable though such bikes are kind of heavier. For the aluminum frames, they are also durable and make the bike relatively lightweight; hence you need to get a bike that will suit your needs.
  • Rims and Wheel Sizes: The tandem bikes have different sizes of tires and rims. For a sturdy bike that will serve longer, find a unit that has double built rim for maximum stability. Additionally, you need to find a bike that has large tires of up to 26-inches. For kids, consider a bike with 19.5 or 20-inches tires.
  • Speeds: Depending on the brand, bikes have different speeds ranging from a single speed to 21-speeds. There are bikes that have Shimao 21-speed shifter while some have 18-speed Shimano. You will also come across bikes with single speeds and, therefore, you need to find the ultimate bike that will suit you better.


From the above product review, we have picked out on some of the best-seller and top-rated tandem bikes that you need to try out. The tandem bikes have been crafted using quality aluminum or steel frames, making them great for long-term use. Besides this, they are also safe bike with a quality braking system. The large wheel sizes allow for smooth rides on all surfaces and some are fitted with front and rear fenders to use under all weather conditions. The bikes have padded adjustable saddles that make them comfy and, therefore, suitable for all users.

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