Top 10 Best Truck Tents for Camping in 2021 | Great Product Review

If you are that person who loves camping, investing in a truck tent for camping for your truck is very crucial. It will add to the fun as well as provide you with a comfortable place to rest. There are different types of these tents, which vary either in size, durability, among other factors. This makes choosing the best fir your needs a bit tedious among the many types.

We understand the tedious hassle of searching for the best tent, and that is why we have the top ten best truck tents for camping in 2021 in this article to lead you through the purchase process. You will also get the buying guide to help you with the factors you should consider before purchasing. Going through the article will enable you to come up with an informed decision.

List of  Top 10 Best Truck Tents for Camping in 2021

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10. Milliard Truck Tent

The Milliard Truck Tent is easy to set up for instant use, thus saving on your time. It is also easy to transport as it comes with a carry case. It is comfortable to use this truck tent as it comes with a sewn on the floor, which keeps you dry and free from the truck’s floor. You can also use it in the wet conditions as it comes with a rainfly.  It perfectly fits trucks with a 6.5 feet bed size.

Additionally, the tent comes with windows and side vents, which enhances ventilation and privacy at the same time with the privacy shades they have. It has a superior and durable ripstop material construction which enables it to last for long. There is a lantern hook inside, which allows you to illuminate the interior for an awesome night out.

Milliard Truck Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • It maintains maximum privacy with the privacy shades
  • It is perfectly comfortable with the sewn-in floor


  • Comes with a setup manual and carry case
  • Suitable for trucks with 6.5 feet bed
  • Comes with a sewn-in floor
  • Doors and windows have privacy shades
  • Made of durable ripstop grade material
  • Comes with a lantern hook inside storage

9. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

The Napier Backroadz Truck Tent comes in excellent color and full-floor, which enhances elegance apart from protecting your truck from external factors. It perfectly works with almost all types of pickup trucks, including the ones that have a toolbox and a bed liner.

The truck tent comes with a full rainfly, which prevents the truck from all the weather conditions, including rainy and sunny. It is easy and effortless to set up with the color-coded pole and the sleeve as well. It also comes with over 5.6 inches of headroom, where it also provides a large interior area.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • It is resistant to all weather conditions keeping you safe
  • It fits all types of pickups hence very convenient


  • Comes with a full floor
  • Suitable for almost all types of pickups
  • It has a full rainfly
  • Comes with color-coded pole and sleeve
  • A 5.6 inches headroom
  • Has a large interior area

8. Hasika Waterproof Tent

The truck tent for camping has a durable polyester construction that withstands weather conditions to provide you with the best camping moments. It comes with a sewn-in floor and awning, which makes it comfortable and keeps the floor dry for maximum comfort ads you camp. The truck tent accommodates two to three people, where it has a headroom space of over 5.6 feet. It is easy to set up, which saves on much of your time.

The truck tent comes with a large entrance door for high convenience. The rear access panel is also large, which enables you to have some additional space. There is proper ventilation with this tent as it comes with two windows and side vents for more natural air movement. It comes with an extra awning enough to set up a table to prevent you from the harsh weather conditions.

Hasika Waterproof Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • Durable for a long service period
  • It is large and comfortable enough to fit up to three


  • Made of polyester material
  • Supports two to three people
  • Over 5.6 feet headroom space
  • Two mesh windows and side vents
  • A large rear access panel
  • 5′ x 6.5′ additional awning
  • Compatible 5.5 Ft-6.7 ft bed trucks

7. DAC Full – Size Truck Tent

Setting up the truck tent for camping is quick and effortless, and you can save on your time. It ensures a free air circulation to the inside with the two windows and the door, which has a mesh that does not see-through and therefore enables maintains privacy.

The truck tent comes with two zippers at the rear side, which ensure smooth entry. The walls and the roof has a polyester coating, which ensures that it is durable and serves you for an extended period. It is also easy to carry as a carry bag is inclusive in the package.

DAC Full - Size Truck Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • It is durable giving you a long service period
  • Enhances privacy with the non-see-through mesh


  • Comes with two ways zippers
  • Two windows with no see-through mesh
  • Inclusive of a carry bag
  • Polyester coated walls and roof
  • Easy to install
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6. Napier Enterprises Sportz Truck Tent

The truck tent for camping comes with a patented sewn-in the floor, which keeps you away from the harsh truck floor conditions, including cold and dust. The interior surface is large, which provides you with an ample area for maximum comfort and also has headroom of over 5.6 feet.

There is high ventilation in this truck tent as it comes with two side vents and two windows for free air circulation. It also comes with a middle divider, which allows you to have optional ventilation. It provides additional storage as it is easy to access the rear side. It is easy and fast to set up with the color-coded pole and sleeve.

Napier Enterprises Sportz Truck Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • Comfortable with the patented sewn-in floor
  • Highly ventilated with the two side vents and windows


  • Has a patented sewn-in floor
  • Has a large interior surface
  • Over 5.6 feet headroom
  • Two side vents and windows
  • An easily accessible rear area
  • Comes with a middle divider
  • Color-coded pole and sleeve system

5. Offroading Gear Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tent

The Offroading pickup truck tent fits on any small bed truck with a 6.5 inches backbox, and it accommodates two adults comfortably. The tent comes with a water-resistant floor to keep you dry and warm while sleeping peacefully in the ideal outdoor camping truck tent. The rear entry unzips to the fullest to give you unhindered access to the cabin.

The rear access unzippable window is a great feature to enable you to pick items from the cabin as well as pass cables. The tent has the most simple setup process with matching colors and codes on the poles and hooks. The clips have good crafting to ensure they do not scratch the truck’s paint job. The windows are sealable for ultimate privacy, and meshes keep the mosquitoes and midges away.

Offroading Gear Pickup Truck Bed Camping Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • Sealable windows for privacy
  • Mesh on the windows to keep away bugs
  • Colors and codes on the poles for a more straightforward setup


  • Two adult capacity
  • Water-resistant floor
  • Unzippable rear window
  • Matching colors and codes on the poles

4. ARB Awning Room

The ARB floor has a water-resistant sturdy polyethylene construction, and the exterior comes with a 300D polyester making and a safeguard against ultraviolet rays. The flysheet has ample two-way ventilation, and the side windows also have meshes to enhance air circulation while keeping you from mosquitoes and midges.

The tent comes with hooks to fix the poles that have a sturdy nylon construction and elevated cable ports to in the event you need to put up lighting for your outdoor camping accommodation. A sack with nylon making, two ropes, six pegs, and a mesh pocket come with the packaging giving you the ideal camping experience.

ARB Awning Room

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Reasons to buy

  • Mesh protection for the roof and side windows
  • Polyethylene making for the interior and exterior


  • Polyethylene making for the floor
  • 300D polyester making for the exterior cover
  • Ultraviolet ray protection
  • Roof and side windows ventilation
  • Nylon hooks

3. Smittybilt Overlander Tent

The Smittybilt Overlander tent is an ideal truck tent with a capacity of two to three people and a considerable density foam full or double mattress for maximum comfort, and it can carry a maximum weight of up to 660 pounds. The flysheet has a 600D polyester construction that is heavy-duty and water-resistant, and it also comes with a sunroof to enable you to enjoy the day and night skies as you lie comfortably.

Don’t worry about the outdoor night mosquito menace as the side windows come with mosquito nets, and the poles have anodized Aluminum construction that prolongs their lifespan and keeps them from rusting. An easy to telescopic setup ladder will make climbing to the tent an effortless practice, and the floor of the tent is detachable for an adaptive setup.

Smittybilt Overlander Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • Mosquito nets on the side windows
  • An extensible ladder for easy climbing in and out of the tent
  • A detachable floor for adaptive setup


  • An extendable ladder
  • Mounting brackets
  • Detachable floor
  • Water-resistant flysheet
  • Mosquito net on the side windows
  • A sunroof
  • Anodized Aluminum making for the poles

2. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

The Guide Gear truck tent is one of the most comfortable truck tents that is fast to set up and very comfortable to relax in. The tent comes with excellent design, comfort, quick deployment, and perfect ventilation. Several choices are available to you before purchasing the tent to zero-in on the most comfortable version for you. The floor of the tent comes sewn with polyethylene material.

The interior of the tent has ample space with up to 5.25 inches headroom, and the exterior comes with polyester making enhanced with a 1500 millimeters coating to make it waterproof. The tent is lightweight, and it has a straightforward setup process, which only involves four poles. A D-shape on the door makes it wide enough for simple entry and exit, and the windows have a mesh for ample ventilation.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

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Reasons to buy

  • Easy setup procedure with four poles
  • It is lightweight
  • Mesh windows provide ample ventilation


  • D-shaped door
  • Windows with meshing for ventilation
  • Two storage spaces
  • Fiberglass pole construction
  • A carry bag with polyester making
  • Flooring with a polyethylene construction
  • 1500 millimeters of water resistance coating

1. Rightline Gear Truck Tents

The Rightline truck tent is floorless, which grants it a simple setup procedure that does not involve changing the bed components. The tent comes with a water-resistant fabric construction with tape sealing on the fabric’s seams to ensure that you can have a dry night even when it is raining hard. The straps have unique crafting that prolongs their lifespan under heavy usage.

The buckles come with a nylon making, and their unique design ensures that they do not damage your truck’s paint job. A vent on the top of the tent allows you to watch the graceful stars and nightlights as you lie down as well as provide sufficient ventilation. The spacious tent comes with a capacity for two adults enabling you to turn your favorite outdoor spots into a camping site.

Rightline Gear Truck Tents

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Reasons to buy

  • The poles and their corresponding pockets have codes for easy setup
  • The spacious tent accommodates two adults
  • A transparent top is a cool feature to view the night sky


  • Poles and pockets with codes for easy setup
  • A setup guide comes with the packaging
  • Two adult’s capacity
  • Ample ventilation
  • Transparent top for night viewing
  • Waterproof fabric construction

Buyer’s Guide

  • Size: The truck tents for camping comes in different sizes, and it is, therefore, crucial to determine the size of your truck before purchase to ensure that it fits perfectly well. Ensure that it is compatible with the truck bed size to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Durability: The material making the tent should be durable and robust to provide you ample services for long. Being water and windproof are an added advantage since it will enhance its durability.
  • Comfort: It is crucial to choose a truck tent that will give you a comfortable feel throughout the night. Having a sewn on the floor is a better example as it will keep you from the dust and cold on the truck’s floor.


Choosing the best truck tent for your camping event is very crucial in determining how comfortable your night will be. We have the top ten best truck tent for camping in 2021 in the article above, which will guide you through the purchase process.

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