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Finding a perfect LCD TV set is not complete without accompanying it by the best-fit TV mount. In this regard, most individuals prefer to do TV wall mounting, not just for space-saving but also for convenience. Having that in mind, you need a dependable TV mount for covered & plat panel TV, one that will withstand the TV weight and ideally provide you with notable versatility as far as readjusting its position is the concern.

More pleasingly, most TV mounts are strong and sturdy, adjustable enough to ease its repositioning based on the user’s requirements. Its inbuilt mechanisms and construction determine the best product. Here are factors to peruse through before picking your better option.

The Best Tv Mount in 2021

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10. JUSTSTONE TV Wall Mount

Juststone has come up with the new product of TV mount that fit many TVs that has 32-80 Inch and which has the weight capacity of up to 165lbs/75kg. Luckily enough, it has a tilting TV hanger that has a special design which, assists in adjusting the level +/-3° once the installation is done. In addition, the TV mount has a low profile place that saves on space, making the TV close to the wall.

More importantly, the installation process requires 3 steps to attach the brackets to the TV back, installing the wall plates on the wood studs, and also hold the TV back to the wall plate. Furthermore, the TV mount comes with a 10-year warranty where you have room to contact them.


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  • Tilting TV hanger
  • Has a low profile place
  • Use three steps processes of installation
  • Has a 10-year warranty
  • Weight capacity: 165lbs

9. Loctek CM1 Full Motion Ceiling TV Mount

With a Universal hole pattern and adjustable tilting, this Ceiling TV Mount from Loctek is guaranteed to locked your LCD LED Plasma TV onto the ceiling as professionally as possible. Its full-motion tilting adjustable bracket can fit most 26-55 inch flat panel screen sizes. The CM1 TV mount can rotate at 360-degrees and thus giving it a maximum. 

More importantly, this TV mount not only comes with an Adjustable TV height function that ranges from -20-inches to 32-inches but also an Adjustable ceiling plate that adjusts between 0-90°. Pleasingly enough, it can be attached to sloped ceiling tiling to the wall or flat ceiling. It can also tilt between -2-15°, relieving back strain and fatigue.

Loctek CM1 Full Motion Ceiling TV Mount

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  • Weight capacity: 66 pounds
  • Swivel angle: -180°-180°
  • Fit TV Size: 26-inches-55-inches
  • Adjustable height range: 20-inches-32-inches
  • Tilt angle: 2-degree forward, 15-degree backward
  • Adjustable ceiling plate

8. USX MOUNT Full-Motion Tilt Swivel Articulating TV Wall Mount

USX MOUNT TV mount is full motion stand that fits 26-55inch TVs alongside standard VESA size of 400x400mm MAX. It also includes dual articulating arms for ±90°swivel and 15° tilt and +/-5° post-installation adjustment that allows the ideal TV leveling. It also supports a maximum capacity of 60 pounds.

For easy installation, it comes with all hardware and detailed instruction in pre-labeled bags. This TV mount comes with three pieces package of cable ties, 6-feet HDMI, bubble level, and all typical mounting hardware. For reliability assurance, it is accompanied by US-based customer service and a 10-year warranty.

USX MOUNT Full-Motion Tilt Swivel Articulating TV Wall Mount

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  • Weighs 7.6 pounds
  • Tilt system installation
  • Dual articulating arms
  • Dual articulating arms
  • Has pre-labeled bags
  • Can pull up to 18.95” and retract back up to 2.81”
  • Come with bubble level

7. Pipishell Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

The Pipishell Articulating TV mount system has been engineered with versatility and strength in mind. More conveniently, its ultra-slim design makes it fold flat onto the wall when pressed back. The central point extends outwards, maintaining its integrated position, tilted and twisted in all directions you need to support normal fitness programs, TV shows, video chats video gaming, and more.

Moreover, this tv mount is built of premium-quality and ultra-strong steel material. It weighs 132 pounds, and it fits 37-70” TVs like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. This TV bracket is sturdy & solid with a compatible faceplate that goes with VESA patterns that range from 200x100mm. An incredible warranty of 5 years also accompanies it.

Pipishell Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

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  • Includes dual articulating arms
  • Swivels +/-60°
  • Adjustable optimal viewing
  • Level adjusts +/-3°
  • Constructed of premium-quality steel materials
  • Sturdy & solid TV bracket alongside compatible faceplate
  • Tilts +10°/-10°
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6. ONKRON Full Motion Swivel Tilt TV Mount

ONKRON introduces ultra-slim, functional, and very well build a brand of universal wall mounts for TV VESA with a diagonal screen that measures 32 to 60-inches. It is an ideal solution for convenient mounting of larger or smaller LCD curved or flat screens Panel on the wall in the office or at home.

Moreover, the incorporated foldable dual arms are what make this TV wall bracket ultra-slim. It implies that with only 1.7-inches your TV mount can be concealed behind your LCD flat screen. It is more beneficial than some other brands because bringing your monitor 18-inches towards you is possible with superb extendable brackets. In addition to that, this framework is steady & robust and hence can support a monitor that weighs 80 pounds.

ONKRON Full Motion Swivel Tilt TV Mount

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  • Heavy-duty frame alongside dual arms design
  • Tilting -2 to +12-degrees
  • Compatible with any VESA mounting pattern
  • Supports the maximum weight of 80 pounds
  • Horizontal monitor leveling: -4 to +4 degree
  • Universal mount fits for curved TVs & Flat Panel
  • Has diagonal screen 35-inches to 60-inches
  • Features 120-degree swiveling
  • Extendable retractable TV support

5. Mounting Dream MD2268-LK TV Wall Mount

If you’ve been in quest of space-saving and low profile TV mounts, then your search has come to an end today. This TV mount can nicely fit 37-inches to 70-inches, and it also features mounting holes as wide as 24-inches by 16-inches or as close as 8-inches by 4-inches. Pleasingly enough, this wall mount has a tilting design that is only 1.5-inches from the wall but still tilts to reduce glare and improve viewing.

This TV wall mount from Mounting Dream is constructed of heavy-duty steel materials together with a long-lasting powder-coated varnish, and 100% joined by automatic robot. With such advanced welding technology, this TV mount durable and guarantees mounted TV secure and stable, supports a load of 132 pounds.

Mounting Dream MD2268-LK TV Wall Mount

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  • Maximum VESA: 600 x 400mm
  • Patented design T-mount
  • Forward tilt: 8 degrees
  • It comes with Torpedo level, a 9 ft. Hemi, and cable ties
  • Fits 37-70” screen and support 132 pounds

4. PERLESMITH Full Motion,13-42-Inch TVs Wall Mount

With the full motion of the heavy-duty mount wall of this TV mount, it has made this product highly compatible. In particular, this TV mount comes with +5°/-15° tilt and +/-90°swivel that offer the maximum viewing flexibility. Additionally, it is built with heavy-duty steel and three-arm structure that ensure reliable weight loading making the whole unit safer and sturdier.

Besides this, it has the articulating TV mount wall with the arm that retracts about 1.6 inches from a wall for a maximum extension of 16 inches and out-of-the-way convenience. Even more, it comes with the standard mount hardware, magnetic bubble level, and 6 ft HDMI cable.

PERLESMITH Full Motion,13-42-Inch TVs Wall Mount

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  • Come with +5°/-15° tilt and +/-90°swivel
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Has a three-arm structure
  • Articulating TV mount
  • Standard mount hardware
  • Weighs 4.4 pounds

3. AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount

Enhance your TV-viewing experience at home with this Articulating TV Mount from AmazonBasics. This wall mount collapses, extends tilts, articulates, and swivels—ideal for corner installation, above a fireplace, or inside a TV midpoint. More precisely, this mount can fit flat-panel TV measures from 22-inch to 55-inch, and it offers everything required for easy mounting. It is also constructed of industrial-grade aluminum alongside steel for dependable strength

What’s more, it is characterized by VESA 400mm mounting design or even smaller. More definitely, the holes of VESA pattern mounting should be 100 by 10cm – 40 by 40cm apart from each one horizontally and vertically for the support to fit. It also swivels right & left 180 degrees. The TV mount features a cable-management system that streamlines cords and cables for safety. Luckily enough, AmazonBasics accompanied the product by Limited Warranty of 1-Year.

AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount

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  • Articulating design for 16.3 inches extension
  • Tilting angle: 15 degrees
  • Package includes all mounting hardware & bubble level
  • Constructed of industrial-grade aluminum alongside steel for dependable strength
  • Supports 80 pounds
  • Accommodates: 22-inches to 55-inches TVs

2. Everstone TV Wall Mount for 26”-60” screen

As one of the durable TV mounts in the market, this one is known for withstanding 88 lb load capacity, fit to TVs that are 26 to 55-inch. To begin with, it can tilts a TV up 3° and also down to 15° making the TV watching more comfortable. Subsequently, it has an HDMI cable, 6 ft box, three-axis magnetic bubble levels, three x cable ties, and also the corresponding hardware which makes the set up to be easy.

Similarly, this TV mount has a high grade of cold steel construction material that offers safety when carrying out the loading process. More importantly, it comes with a 5-years warranty, which means when there is any problem, you can call them freely.

Everstone TV Wall Mount for 26”-60” screen

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  • Can tilts a TV up 3°
  • Dual arms articulating
  • Has HDMI cable
  • Cold steel construction material
  • Has a 5-years warranty
  • VESA size: 400 x 400 mm
  • Weighs 9.44 pounds

1. VideoSecu ML531BE 27-55-inches Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

This particular TV mount from VideoSecu is the mounting solution for 25-inch to 42-inch with some models that goes up to 55-inch. In particular, it has a heavy steel gauge that supports the screen up to 18 pounds, which is compatible with the mounting hole pattern. In the same way, there is the post-installation level adjustment which allows the TV to level perfectly.

Moreover, it swivels 180 degrees, tilts +15°/-5°, and also rotates for the maximum viewing flexibility, which means the VESA plate can be installed easily just by one person. Even more, it has HDMI Cable, standard mounting hardware, and also three-axis magnetic level bubble.

VideoSecu ML531BE 27-55-inches Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

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  • Heavy steel gauge
  • Post-installation level adjustment
  • Swivel 180 degrees
  • Has HDMI Cable

How to Choose The Best TV Mounts

  • Style: TV mounts feature in various designs. Most of them articulating, tilting, and settled TV mounts. The settled ones are engineered stably and thus not flexible. On the other hand, the tilting style features a particular design, which lets vertical movement upwards and downwards at 15-degrees. Lastly, the articulating design being the most advanced is highly flexible as it allows swiveling and tilting per the viewer’s desires.
  • Installation: Before making any purchase on TV mount, it is logical to contemplate its installation needs. This is because the ideal TV wall mount does not require a complicated installation procedure. This alleviates the charge incurred when an expert is required for installation.
  • Weight capacity: As you aim to purchase a TV mount, consider its weight limits. The weight of the TV set should be determined before purchasing the best mount, which will securely support it onto the anchor. A premium-quality TV mount should be that one with a reliable and secure anchor.
  • Extension capability: For you to view LCD TV comfortably and in style, you need to choose a TV mount that features extension capability. Such TV mount can be extended up to 16 crawls. It is also critical when it comes to caring for eyesight health.


While purchasing a TV mount, ensure that the support/bracket is equivalent to the measurements of your TV and weight. What’s more, there are various designs of mount supports available in different features. It is significant to peruse the description and buyer’s guide to understand the factors and purchase accordingly.

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